How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
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***Here are some suggestions designed to help
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Psychic Classes Onlines Psyschic Classes Psychic Development Classes 21. Have a positive, happy, trusting outlook toward life and bring that attitude with you, especially when you have your reading-don't just hope for a happy future, look forward to one. Like begets like. A happy future grows from a happy present. If you tend to be worried and gloomy, change that!--read books that will help you see the possibilities in life, not the "impossibilities," learn some affirmations and improve your "happiness quotient," then ask Spirit for suggestions and guidance to help you. Do whatever it takes. Remember, it's your future and you have free will always. Much of what a medium reads for you depends not on some whimsical fate that tosses your life about haplessly, but on the attitudes you have built into your mental atmosphere. Start changing that and watch your readings become upbeat and your life will change!

Spiritual Mentoring Spiritual Guidance Spiritual Healing Mentoring2. Understand that mediumship should ideally be uplifting and hopeful of a happy outcome for your life. If the medium you choose insults you, implies you have little to hope for, criticizes your attitude or puts you down in any way, realize that this medium probably does not know his business and don't use him again. If he/she speaks of your imminent death or inevitably serious illness, you may be sure he/she doesn't know his/her business and just know that you have Spirit's permission to leave the premises. Sensible people know that putting such fear into another can actually cause such terror on the part of the frightened person that the worry eventually leads to illness--he/she just may actually have some sort of attack, and perhaps something serious like a heart attack or a stroke. You might want to tell the medium that he/she needs to stop this kind of behavior because it's too hard on his/her clients. Point out that the medium is planting thought seeds in people's minds and that those thoughts can become terrible bullies! Many times such people have simply never had anyone explain the effect it has on their clients. Those on the spirit side of life say that they can seldom predict the time of someone's death on earth. They only know the time is near when the angels actually gather at the person's bedside. After all, from death and dying studies, we know that people often hang on a bit longer just for their loved ones, when they really want to pass over to the other side. The time of death can depend on free will as much as anything else. I have always heard it said that we choose the time of our going, which, since our thought builds our lives, would seem to be the truth. Hawaiian Hunas deliberately chose to die, and did so, at the time of their choosing.

Psychic Classes Onlines Psyschic Classes Psychic Development Classes3. Remember mediums are just people and have their bad days, too. Take any negative statement with a grain of salt. Sun spots, for example, have been discovered through actual research to make a medium's accuracy drop, they interfere with the medium's connection to the information from spirit side of life, just as we know that sun spots affect radio reception, too.

   4. Use your common sense. If some statement doesn't seem to apply to you, think about it later, test it, then if it really doesn't make sense, forget it. Always test the information, and adopt a wait and see approach. Sometimes we get confirmation through another medium.

   5. Through meditation and prayer, by putting the white light of protection around you when you go for a reading, by asking spirit to advise you about things you need to make decisions about and having a greater and greater closeness with spirit yourself, you can clear up any confusion a reading may bring and even more importantly can live more and more a spirit-guided life which will make visiting a medium less and less necessary to you because you will get your own answers.

Online Psychic Classes Rainbow6. During a reading, trust your first hunch, trust the first thought immediately after the medium tells you what he/she sees because your intuitive reaction is almost always the true reaction. Spirit is influencing you, too, during the reading, so even if the medium is having a bad day and interprets something another way, your interpretation is usually the right one. You know yourself much better than the medium ever will and your instincts about yourself are generally to be trusted. By developing your own closeness with spirit through meditation you will give yourself better answers than you can ever hope to get from a medium. Getting answers directly, of course, is always, in every area of life, superior to getting answers through a go-between-like a medium.

  7. Tell the medium if you are upset with his/her manner, because this is a joint venture on the part of the medium and the client, in which we all try to bring progress to each other and ultimately, thereby, to our entire universe.

Psychic Phone Readings PayPal28. Consider the following, from a book called "Psychic Facts", by Peggy Barnes:

In the little Spiritualist pamphlet "Psychic Facts", Peggy Barnes, says, "Mediumship is a sacred gift and is deserving of every effort that can be made. Through mediumship we derive evidence of the continuity of life, which removes all fear of death; we receive the comfort of communication with our loved ones who have passed on into a higher expression of life; we receive a knowledge of the conditions in the higher phase of life and an understanding of the natural laws governing the universe and all therein. Through our understanding and application of God's law, we realize we are the masters of our own destinies and that we truly can be what we will to be..."

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Pat Chalfant
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The Medium,
The Mirror
By Pat Chalfant
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On the mirror of the medium's mind
Symbols, faces, voices, leave behind
Messages like leaves the color of jewels,
Seen reflected on the still surface of pools.

As the seer gives voice to these bright words of love
Sent down to the grieving as comfort from above
The names of loved ones spring to life upon her breath
And silence - in earthly hearts forever - the fearful name of Death.

…help the soul, the mind and the heart come into alignment
so that our true purpose is outpictured in our lives.

…are the light at the end of the tunnel, the light in the windows
of home welcoming us in from the darkness.

…simply give us the strength to keep on keeping on.

…show us what we need to see.

…free us from fear by showing us that fear only stands in our way,
allowing us to step out fearlessly toward our goals.

…even when they don't tell us just what we want to hear,
heal our hearts.

…place us in the light, hold us in the light, then make us aware that,
indeed, we are the light!  They teach us to shine our light before us
making not only our own path bright, but in turn
brightening it for others, too.

…turn endings into beginnings and shine the Light of Spirit
into the darkest corners of our lives.

…make us aware that Spirit always waits
at our souls for us to come within.

…welcome us into the sacred space where Spirit shapes the future.

…encourage us to access messages for ourselves and inspire us to do that.

…tap into the eternal…they are music to our souls…
they empower us from within.

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Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
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