"Testimony of Light"
by Helen Greaves...book review by Pat Chalfant
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantHere is a brief review of a book that I read a short while ago, of which I am already a huge fan.

It's "Testimony of Light" by Helen Greaves.

It is recommended by the brothers at Santa Monica, California's famous "Self-Realization Fellowship," as being an excellent description of life after death.

This book tells you what you've always wanted to know about the job market in the afterlife. I know that sounds terribly flip but didn't it get your attention? If you've never read anything that described existence on the other side of life, I think you couldn't start with a better book; and if you have read others things on this subject, this one is.

The book is a psychic correspondence (via inspired/automatic writing) between a woman named Helen Greaves who had a friendship for many years with a High Anglican  nun named Sister Mary Frances. After Sister Mary Frances died of cancer, Helen Greaves began to receive urges to pick up her pen and write. She had done automatic writing for years so she recognized the meaning of these urges and fortunately for all of us, she succumbed to them.

Through Helen's pen the nun describes the sort of heavenly rest home that she found herself in on the other side of life as she recuperated after her lingering death from cancer had drained her physically and mentally. She says that after she was well again, she began to assist other newly arrived souls to recuperate, too.

She gives examples of types of believers who arrive in the afterlife and what they must do to get on with their growth. She tended a Nazi and got to know one of the people he had persecuted.

She saw the attempts at reconciliation on the part of that Nazi- persecuted woman and how these played out. She assisted in the recovery of a surgeon who had been quite famous on earth and discovered he had been a drug addict and had much guilt to deal with after death.

She assisted a six-year-old who died and she learned much wisdom from her, as well as learning just how close small children remain to the other side after they are born into the earth plane. Because the child had never completely lost her attachment to that side, she had no difficulty at all adjusting to life after death and progressed quickly.

She explains how she finally found the group that was right for her personal spiritual growth and creativity. The description of this seems deceptively simple, but this description, as well as others she gives of the "how" of doing things there reinforces what I have always heard in spiritual work about all this--it is all done through thought. Religious Scientists will rejoice as they read this, as will Unity members, Spiritualists, and others who hold such beliefs.

She shows us what kinds of jobs and pastimes and especially, what kind of education one can look forward to on the other side. At least, she tells us what her experiences have been, and she tells us also what she has been told by others about their experiences in the afterlife. She doesn't talk about her family life. She says this is personal to her but refers to visits to her family home.

On earth she had done a lot of work teaching those in third world countries and pursuing her abiding interest in the psychic world. Pursuant to this, she had studied and meditated and made friends with people like the author, Helen Greaves. who possessed strongly developed psychic gifts. When Sister Mary Frances was on earth Helen had often assisted her with information received through her psychic powers.

She reveals that she was devastated to discover in the afterlife the fruitlessness of the intense efforts she'd made on earth to achieve a breakthrough to higher consciousness. She has come to understand the meaning of the term "light" in Biblical literature. Throughout the book light is often mentioned. She is shown that light is what we grow in. It is through the light that we expand and develop. We really are the light and as we grow, the size of our light grows, too.

We learn that the dictation of this book through the earth medium, Helen Greaves, was inspired and directed by a group of entities on a much higher plane in the afterlife than the Sister had yet reached. It's easy to believe that this was its origin because the book's message rings so true and has reached such deep places in each one I've recommended it to. One young woman I know who was Catholic by birth said she thought you could recommend this book to people of all persuasions because it speaks to all.

So that's what I'm doing. Enjoy!
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