The Purpose of Mediumship
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantThe purpose of mediumship is to prove the continuity of life--that we continue to live after the change called death

That's right!!  The major purpose of Spiritualism is to prove our continued existence after the change called death.  Research with even good mediums and psychics shows that their accuracy in giving predictions is only about 80 percent.  I'm not discounting the fact that such advice can be helpful; but "fortune telling" is something that the Spiritualist doesn't really put first in order of importance in their work.  The important thing is to bring the individual proof of the continued existence of those he knew and loved.

Remember that we have free will and so do all others in spirit-and we are all part of spirit, even though we are living on earth.  Because we all always have free will, we may choose what we will do and so can those on the other side and they may just choose not to participate in spirit communication, either because they don't believe in it, don't approve of it, or are too busy in their new life to make the effort to connect.

We on earth don't always feel like sitting down to write a letter, after all.  And the mechanics of "getting into someone else's mind through two go-betweens (the guide and the medium on earth) may just seem too daunting and the chance of someone on earth who wants to contact actually receiving their message may seem too much of a gamble to even try to make contact.

I have had the experience of doing numerous readings for people all over the U.S. since I've had my web site and have discovered that people today often don't recognize those who are trying to make contact because, as  they so often say, they never knew their relatives very well.  It makes bringing proof of life after death almost impossible, as you can imagine.

Not long ago I received an e-mail request for a reading again from a girl I have been reading for these last two years and when I did the reading for her we both began to realize that what I was saying was the same thing, essentially, as what I had told her the time before when I had read for her.  I was as surprised as she was, because I had never had that happen before.

There was one change between the previous reading and that one, though.  Her grandmother had died about six weeks before the day of the reading and she came through and identified herself, but basically all the rest that I gave her was the same as the time before.  Since nothing that I had predicted had as yet materialized, it seemed that the message overall was, "Don't have readings too often.  Wait until some of what you're given transpires before you have another reading."  But the grandmother's coming to communicate made up for the lack of anything new in my predictions for her.  That made it all worthwhile for this girl because they had been very close.

This all brings us to a true but disappointing fact about mediumship.  Sometimes there just may not be a message for someone during any given church service or class.  Sometimes no spirit friend comes with a desire to communicate with a given person.

I have seen one Spiritualist minister who was reading in a Festival of Readings (where people pay for a certain number of minutes of reading time) who returned the woman's money because he simply couldn't get anything for her.  That is as it should be.   Don't strain to reach for something to say.  If it isn't there, it isn't there.  Have the integrity to not try to fabricate something.  We don't promise everyone a reading and we certainly don't promise miracles; and inventing a message when there is no one bringing one would require a miracle to achieve.  Spiritualists, by the way, do not believe that miracles are miraculous. They believe that in the final analysis, so-called "miracles" will always be found to be the outcome of natural law.

Remember this:  mediums are just people.  They have prejudices, likes and dislikes, and they just may not feel they connect with you on a personal level, which may get in the way of their "connecting" on the mediumistic level, as well.  Often you will hear mediums tell people they are reading for to uncross their arms and legs and even though this has no effect on the actual science of the reading procedure, psychologically, it may help get the client to relax and become more receptive.

Having chit-chatted with at least one medium I knew well through the Spiritualist Church , I know that certain people were as difficult for her to read for as they were for me.  She and I would exchange observations about this state of affairs and wonder why it was so.  One of the people we agreed upon in that regard was a girl who routinely crossed her arms over her chest, who later said to me that she had always found both of us to be quite accurate in our predictions, but we felt it was like "pulling teeth" to get anything for her-go figure!

It's certainly possible that it was a psychological thing for both of us.  There may have been something on the level of  personality types or on the level of past life connections for both of us with her that we weren't aware of  but that constituted a block on our parts, if not on hers.

The Love of God Consciousness, The Thought of Christ Consciousness

Let's talk about this and be sure we understand  the Christ Consciousness, especially.  Spiritualists do not typically talk about such a thing, but it comes up a lot in the literature on metaphysics.  It is an important issue.

The reason that many of the Spiritualist churches have traditionally not subscribed to Christianity is that they believe that no one can atone for anyone else's sins.  Since Christianity is based on that foundation, they have not chosen to subscribe to it.  They believe that Christ was the greatest way-shower of all time.  They  still, however, believe we must atone for our own misdeeds.

The Christ Consciousness itself, however, is something that many different belief systems and many metaphysicians think of as the Divine pattern within each of us that outflowers as we study and work to live better lives.  It is the ultimate development for each of us and is unique to each of us.  It elevates us ultimately to the Universal level of consciousness.  That level is called alternately Christ Consciousness and Universal Consciousness.

Chakras, Auras, Kundalini

The reason for the belief that we must do our own atoning may be the inclusion of the Eastern way of thinking about  consciousness and reaching enlightenment and particularly, about karma.  Spiritualists often include in their manuals information about meanings of colors and something about the chakras and what the things that are sometimes seen in the aura may actually mean.

When I've pondered the whole idea that someone could die for my sins, I have always found that hard to imagine.  It was hard for me to imagine how that would be feasible.  It was hard for me to imagine that anyone would truly profit from such self sacrifice on the part of another.

I have always, in the past, ended  my ponderings by assuming that this idea must have been included in the Christian belief system because it would draw the guilt-ridden to the religion with the promise of an easy "fix."  I have only recently begun to think there may be something to this notion, regardless of what Spiritualists have always believed and that there could be such an ocean of the love of God or Christ Consciousness around us, and around the entire planet, that by merely stepping into a belief that this is so, we might find that we had always been "saved" and our karma could truly be negated through "Grace" which might be another name for Christ's great love for us that created that ocean of perfection that we might avail ourselves of if we could just "believe."  Nevertheless, for those who can't just "believe" there is still the slow but sure working of karma to rely upon.

Spirit is life, mind is the builder, the physical is the result.

Change your thought; change your life.  You can and you will become a much better medium as you continually believe you bring healing to those you read for and speak to.  Spirit is what connects us all and the mind is what builds the Internet of our lives and our relationships, thus making the physical life as it is.

Think healing as you approach a client.  Know, simply, that your ministrations have the power to heal them.  Edgar Cayce said, "Thoughts can be either miracles or crimes."

Your thought creates forms that literally, according to those who can see thought forms, go out as a colored entity to the people you direct them toward.  The old saying "Thoughts are things," is true, then.  It is literally true.  You can and do influence others, so make sure that it is always for the better.  Clients come to us for help.  Give real help to them, then, by knowing that you are adding to the goodness in their lives with every thought word and deed that you indulge in as you speak with them.

The Law of Attraction

As above, so below-the Law of Attraction draws to each of us the kind of guide/teacher who resonates with us.  That entity will be more advanced than we are, but will have the same general traits, same interests, same strengths (same weaknesses), in short, will understand us well enough to guide us to greater strengths and always toward the highest and best.

The dangers of doing "health" readings (including anything about the ultimate diagnosis, "death") in California .

For Californians:  This state has always had the strictest laws about people who receive remuneration for "predicting" for others.  The charge that can send you to jail (I know a man who had it happen, so it's not just a hypothetical) is "diagnosing and prescribing."   I don't know whether Nadya would be better off as a reader because she has an M.D., or worse off because of it.

Remember always that if you can't suggest what to do to avert a fatal happening that you believe you foresee, don't predict it-leave open the possibility that someone else (a doctor, another medium, a garage mechanic, the person you're reading for himself, a family member)  will come up with the solution.  Predictions of disaster can be so devastating that the person can literally draw the happening to himself faster than it might otherwise have happened.  Since our thought is the builder, keep in mind what we repeat in our class to start meditation with,  "Spirit is life, mind is the builder, and the physical is the result." And don't forget that we can see what may lead to death if a certain activity or attitude is continued, but as in my experience with a medium friend of mine, I saw the symbol for death, but after she went to a holistic doctor and then had surgery along with that, she recovered.  My symbol merely told me that she was in the grip of a "killer" disease.

So what we hear, see, feel, the symbols we come to know the meanings for, can be read as "symptomatic of," rather than a "written in stone' condition that is about to come to pass.  If you see something you think means a fatality, immediately put this matter in the hands of God and know that Divine Intervention has been set in motion.

When we say healing words for others, we heal ourselves, as well, of course.  We have nothing to heal but our own lack of faith.  Why?  Because we are tiny pieces of Spirit, God, and infinitely creative and we have free will because God is our Father, our Source, and as we choose to think, so shall it be.  Whenever such a thought as death or something accidental that might harm someone, or an illness that could debilitate comes to mind, immediately turn the whole matter over to God with complete confidence that it shall be reversed, reversing it immediately in your own mind, thus bringing a healing force to the one you are reading for.

If you truly feel strongly that what is presented gives the solution, then find a way to suggest that solution without mentioning the possible fatality.  Spirit may urge you to tell the person that he might want to have a physical checkup, if he hasn't done that in a while.  There might be something that a garage mechanic might catch in a routine checkup that could avert an accident.  If the person or his loved one is fatally ill, there may be a medical breakthrough that will soon become available or a test group that he can become part of that might solve his problem.  Above all, remember that mind is the builder-always-mind is the builder!  Help the person build hope and faith through the medicine of  the thoughts you think for him and the words you say to him.  Remember that thought literally creates.

Know what alternative treatment is available-things like the Cayce remedies-herbal remedies, etc.  Don't suggest anything specifically to anyone, because my friend and teacher of 40 years ago was jailed over selling herbs and suggesting them, so nothing is safe in this field, but suggest books that might give insight to the person, such as Cayce's "Encyclopedia of Healing" or "The Edgar Cayce Handbook  for Health Through Drugless Therapy."

Prayer and upliftment before reading. Put the protection of prayer around your work and use the guidance of your ideal whenever you meditate, pray, heal, read.  The statement that Spirit is life, mind the builder, the physical is the result, said three times is done to bring body and mind into alignment with Spirit.

Give what you get.  Do not try to interpret unless an interpretation comes along with the image or words or sounds that your teachers bring you as part of the message.  Or if you see largely in symbols, and you have developed a lexicon of meanings for the symbols you see and can confidently, therefore, know what  each one means, then give those meanings.

Never discuss private affairs like marriage and divorce in a public gathering (live class included).  Perfectly sound marriages have had their happiness nearly destroyed by an overconfident medium saying something to the effect that she/he saw a "break" or a separation,  divorce, etc.    Remember Hippocrates and, "above all do no harm."  Never assume that the person's mate is not in the audience or standing outside the class room door waiting for their mate.  Even when that person never comes to service or class, remember, there is always a first time for everything!

Never assume that email can't carry the information to the person's mate after you "spill the beans" publicly and someone in the group emails the message recipient and mentions what you said. "Never say never" is a good rule for a medium to keep in mind in general.  If you think something of this nature is important for the person to know, say you wish to speak to them after the service or class.

Never, never, never be condescending:  do not take the stance of "I know all, you know nothing."  Do not try to tell the person what they are and are not, what they feel and what they don't, as in, "I see that you are a lonely person."  "I can tell that you aren't very warm and welcoming to others."  It's insulting.  They know who they are and who they are not.  They don't need you to pass judgment on their feelings.  Feelings belong to nobody but the one feeling them.  Bring them encouragement, treat them with dignity and respect for a life they have tried to live as well as they could.  Give them enlightenment.

Do not ever ask questions:  Spiritualism is a science as well as a religion and a philosophy and every time you are reading for anyone, you are demonstrating the science of it all.  In other words, Spiritualists want to prove their contact with the other side of life by stating, never asking questions that could elicit information from the one being read for.  One of the commonest errors that readers make from the Spiritualist standpoint is  saying in a questioning voice, "Now you don't have children?"  "Could this mean that you are an artist?"  "Now you are divorced?"  For the sake of the science of the thing, we state; we do not ask.  Tell the person all you get in the form of statements that truly state, not questions stated as statements. Then let him ask questions.

You Are in a Blessed Position

It is a trust that you have been given, this mediumship.  You are in a blessed position, as a friend of mine who does Life Between Life work puts it when she talks of her work.  You are in a blessed position of having God reveal Himself to you in the everyday work that you do-it is a position of trust.  Never break that trust.  You and your teachers have done much work together even before you begin to formally "read" for others.  You have even, as Life Between Life work shows, chosen to work with this guide before we returned to life.  You must honor that trust.  You are a partner in world-building.  We make a difference in our communities--all of us who meditate, all of us who are Spiritualists and particularly all of those who do the reading and speak about these Spiritualist beliefs.

Carry the responsibility of this position lightly, however, because Spirit works through you.  Carry the work that you do with a light heart, never doubting your mediumship, knowing that Spirit chooses to work through you and that the universe, Great Spirit, will use you in a perfect way, even when you have doubts about the quality of your work.  One of the most remarkable experiences I have ever had happened yesterday, August 28, 2006, during an online tutorial and, as it usually happens, I had my usual quick little doubt thoughts while I was doing the tutorial.

During the meditation portion of the tutorial, the Hindu woman I was tutoring, who had come to me to learn to communicate with her fiancé who had died by his own hand, saw her friend at first, then she saw Jesus in her meditation and was so moved by his incredible, unearthly light, the pure whiteness of his appearance and the expression in his eyes as he looked at her and the intense peacefulness she saw on his face, that when he held up his right, light-emitting hand and said, "Believe in me…" she replied, "Yes, I do."  He was promising, she knew, to heal her situation and her dead friend's, as well.

She was still experiencing the feeling of happiness every time she thought of it the day after and when we spoke at the end of the following week, she reported that her overall mental health was excellent and even when she felt sad about her friend's death, she came right back to her feeling of happiness that had begun with that meditative experience.  She knew she was looking at a living Jesus, a living god.  She has never read a Bible or learned anything much about Christianity.  She could still see His face in front of hers with her eyes wide open as she discussed this result of her meditation  with me right after it ended.  I was moved nearly to speechlessness, and I was still profoundly thoughtful the day after.  Yet, think of it!  I had doubts at the beginning of the tutorial-I wonder now what would have happened if I had not had doubts-perhaps choirs of angels would have actually appeared to us both as we spoke with each other over our headsets online and would have appeared in the room with us with our eyes wide open, and it would have been even more wondrous.

I think though that as long as we are on earth we will always experience doubt from time to time, and just remember this, Spirit can and will work with and through us even when we doubt-thank God!  Be of good cheer, Great Spirit is here!  God, Great Spirit, Yahweh, the All That Is, etc. is with us every step we take.  The light always surrounds us, protects us, and is with us forever.  Know that He who is the light, is nearer than breathing and closer than hands and feet.  Only our doubt stands in the way of looking upon his face.  We are blessed.

Wondrously, we can choose to relinquish our doubt, just put it to the side when we experience it, by using our Free Will,  The more we exercise our Free Will, the more we can exercise it, and the more of the light and the love of God Consciousness will pour into us and our clients.  We are, indeed, blessed and the Freedom we are given is the bounty of the Spirit.  The opportunity to improve our lives is the result of God's love for us, His Grace.

A better life is always available to us. through Grace.  We can always reassure our clients, therefore, that they can make their lives more to their liking.  The Edgar Cayce readings indicate that we needn't worry when we can pray.  I frequently am shown by Spirit that clients can improve their lives through meditation and prayer and I tell them about that.  I have had clients tell me they have done what I suggested and it has, indeed, helped them.
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