'Spirit' Speaks on Mediumship
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantIn meditation, recently, I was given a steady stream of information that seemed to be coming to me to use for this speech:

Spirit wants you to know that mediumship was given to the world by God so that the lonely shepherd tending his flock, the night watchman making his rounds, all those who keep midnight vigils would always be able to make contact with spirit no matter how alone it seemed they might be in their solitary pursuits.

Remember, my children, that mediumship, the connection between earth and heaven through a physical medium such as the ones who deliver messages in Spiritualist churches was designed to comfort, to inspire, to warn of danger, to rebuild the courage and physical forces that have become depleted. Many have written through the centuries about how this was designed, religious people from all religious groups, intuitives, contemplatives, priests, nuns, rabbis, mullahs, spiritual people from all the ends of the earth and people who are secular meditators and spirit communicators have carried the messages from heaven that they received in their solitariness to those who did not hear spirit as they did. There is a never-ending line of dedicated men and women who have kept in touch selflessly with spirit and have given those messages that they received for whoever came to them seeking comfort and hope. They have done this out of the fullness of their hearts and souls and minds. They have served as the bridge between earth and heaven and have helped thereby to comfort the lonely, reassure the broken-hearted and shine a light into the darkness of souls that are in darkest despair.

God has never wanted to judge. Spirit does not judge. We who do this work of mediumship, this message work, for others, must never interpret the messages from the other world in a way that seems to chastise those for whom we bring messages. We must never disturb the mental security, the balance of the people we come to give aid. The communications that are entrusted to us should be given in the spirit in which we attempt to deliver them to your side of life. We must always err on the side of caution and try to mend hearts, not break them, mentally cool the fevered brows of those who suffer here on earth.

We must never frighten our listeners, those to whom we bring greetings, we must never predict fearful things for them. Life is quite fearful enough. There always is an abundance of fear and confusion and indignity in the lives of men; we must bring to them, instead, the fruits of spirit's labors, for in its purest form, spirit's fruits are all positive. We must never say or do anything as purveyors of spirit's message to bring the least bit of fear to those we love, those we try to minister to with messages from those who have passed on.

All the stars in the sky that twinkle with the brilliance of heaven shining through itself are the lights that we must bring to guide the footsteps of the beloved ones of earth. There should be no condescension, no criticism of God's children. There has been an abundance of that throughout the centuries. We have had quite enough of that. Criticism and talking down to others is unbecoming and ineffective in ordinary folks, but is even less becoming in one who claims to be a telephone between worlds, who claims to bring the message of God to citizens of the world.

Whenever you hear someone who is a message medium predicting dire outcomes, speaking harsh words in harsh tones to the people for whom they read, whenever you sense people backing away mentally from the tone of the medium's voice, almost as if they were warding off mental blows from what they are hearing. protect yourself from this onslaught. Simply remove yourself, if not physically, then mentally from this influence.


Mediumship means that one who brings messages has always been available for the comfort and inspiration of us all. There have been places and times when we have not had mediums available, perhaps, but the prospect was still there, simply unused. Mediumship is God's gift to us to encourage us when we think we can't go on, it is given so that we will be able to improve our lives, but, above all, it is to prove to us the continuity of life and the immortality of the soul.

It has always been available to mankind, since the beginning of the world and before. Mediumship is the missing link between the Spirit and those who dwell on earth. When we first lived on earth, we remembered where we had come from, that God was our father, and then, after a while, we could barely remember and many could not remember at all. Spirit needed to be able to communicate to us to provide us with the means for us to recollect our true selves and to be assured that death would not be the end of life, but only the beginning of another life, the larger life.

Because Spirit does not have a voice, the language of the Spirit is thought. When a medium brings us a message, he does so by having a spirit helper (a guide or teacher) move into his aura, then the spirit person brings the message through to the medium's consciousness by drawing from the contents of both the conscious and subconscious material in the medium's mind, choosing the words, symbols, pictures, memories, educational resources, beliefs, ideals, etc., that the mind of the medium contains within itself. Spirit truly speaks through thought.

It is only by doing this that mental mediumship, reading for others, can be received, that the message can be delivered to the person it is meant for. The spirit helpers, by letting mediums achieve contact with the spirit side of life, can bring us not only messages, but lectures, as well. We can thus be taught, be brought close again to those we once loved, and we can be inspired by the beauty of the messages the spirit people impress upon us through our thoughts and we then can put it all into words to bring the strength, hope and proof of life after death to those on earth.

Spirit intends its communication to be health-giving, as well as to bring information and comfort and support. Spirit has always meant to bring only the highest and best to mankind through the medium of man's mind. The medium is the link to spirit. The guide that the medium draws to himself or herself will be of the same level as the medium, as far as ideals, interests, mental viewpoint, spirituality, compassion, aggressiveness, etc., may be concerned.

We are all fundamentally vibration. Life, everything in life, is vibration. Therefore, when mediums lend themselves to the business of being mediums, they draw unto themselves a spirit person who is their match on the other side. If the medium is harshly critical, bullying, the guide he draws to himself will be equally so. If the medium is one who praises and finds the good in everything and everybody, sees life as a series of opportunities for growth, not a series of chances for failure then that medium's spirit helper will match his/her profile. We can only attract what we are, in all spheres of life, but particularly when it comes to being the bridge across the gap between earth and the Spirit Side of Life.

The ability to become a medium is not dependent upon the morality of the medium, the spiritual fiber he possesses. His native chemistry and fundamental ability to do the work determines whether he can develop into a medium, then, once that's been determined, he must simply lend himself to teachings that will help him become all he can be.

But what kind of delivery of messages and lectures he will bring to the world will be filtered through the attitudes and emotions that he brings to his work and it is through these that his messages must be filtered and the effect of this mental atmosphere tends to color both the message's meaning and content. There is a myth that many of us subscribe to, to the effect that everything that a medium gives in a message is presented by spirit and that the only thing that the medium can communicates to his listeners has to be from Spirit. That is a myth..

The pure love and inspiration that the Spirit is always trying to impart to us all will of course be affected by the atmosphere of the medium's mind. The greater the medium's vocabulary and education, the higher his ideals and aspirations, the bigger the range of his interests, his likes and dislikes, his patience, his persistence, his willingness to learn and to be flexible in his thinking, the intensity of all of these will determine the character of the messages that the Spirit can leave on the mirror of the medium's mind, as well as determining how much of that he/she will pass on to the persons he reads for.

A spirit person who wishes to bring a message of hope and love and inspiration to a loved one who may be in trouble on earth and may desperately need hope to hang on to, may have to employ a medium who has difficulty expressing his thoughts in a positive, uplifting way. The spirit person may have to accept that kind of medium in order to deliver his words to his loved one simply because that medium may be the only one accessible to the beloved person on earth to convince that soul that he still lives and still loves him.

Ideally, a medium should not speak down to the people he seeks to help. He should not be condescending, acting as if he is all-knowing, and superior in his knowledge and spirituality to those he would help. This attitude causes many people to block out the message along with the medium. A medium should never try to frighten those he reads for, never speak as if he thought the person might, in fact, die-Most souls on the Spirit side of life say even they, with their longer view of what will happen on earth usually cannot be sure when a death will occur. They only know it is to be soon when the Angels gather around the one who is leaving the earth. A medium who speaks of the possibility of death for the person he reads for stands the chance of actually placing an hypnotic suggestion in the mind of the one he reads for and could take away all hope from that person rather than uplifting his hopes.

The mediums who just blurt out whatever comes into their minds because they think it's from Spirit, can be a danger to the person being read for. Spirit cautions that as you receive readings from different mediums, keep in mind that you must be objective about the information-test it, weigh it, follow your instincts about it. If it doesn't seem to belong to you, dismiss it and if it was a message of gloom, of sharp criticism, predictions of unpleasant things to come, especially death or ill health, remember that the medium who is true to the Spirit's intent will never bring words to you that tear down your faith in yourself, and take away your hope. Mediums who are trained to carry messages from the Other Side are told to find ways to present what they think is disaster in ways that emphasize a silver lining not the darkness of storm clouds.

If any medium verbally insults or harshly criticizes you, simply leave and don't return to that medium. Destroying the peace of mind of his client is not what is called for-not ever-the information must indicate that although there is darkness now, the sun will soon shine, because that, in fact, is always the way of it-the sunshine always follows the storm. People come to mediums because they need to be reminded of that. This is the greatest gift the medium can give to his clients-many a medium has helped the people he read for to keep on keeping on and has kept them from giving up, until they finally arrived at a hoped for happy outcome. Those people might otherwise have given up on life. That there are people who are willing to do this for others is one of the truly great contributions that we can make to life on this earth.

The medium who believes that spirit helpers bringing greetings from the Other Side want him to predict the worst to clients should really examine his methods and begin to put himself into another frame of mind and learn how to maintain a happy outlook. His basic attitude is probably being fed by the correspondingly gloomy spirit helper he has attracted to himself as an aid. He may need to take time out from his mediumship until he can shift his attitude enough to attract a positive thinker to lend him assistance with his message bearing.

And what about those who are the receivers of messages, the members of congregations like this everywhere, whether in churches or homes or classes or online these days-what is our obligation as receivers?

The lesson to be learned from this is that even if we are not mediums, we all must keep our thoughts positive because, if we don't, we may attract to ourselves someone who will say what will reinforces our worst fears and through succumbing to this suggestion, bring sorrow into our lives. The law of Attraction determines this for us.

If you would be a medium, and deliver messages sent from the spirit side of life to those on earth, you must forget about fear. Don't let fear have anything to do with your work as a medium. Your responsibility is to erase fear for your client, not reinforce it. Remember what FDR said in the depths of the Great Depression: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
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