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by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantThis is the introduction to the book I would have written 20 years ago if I had only sent in an outline immediately after an editor at a major publishing company had invited me to do so.

The thing was, I couldn't think how my column on parapsychology could be turned into a book (and, I hated outlining!) so I took forever getting back to him even though I wanted to publish a book in the worst (as well as the best) way!

This is that book. This is why I know for certain that each of us is psychic and can develop our abilities in absolutely simple and natural ways. It is why I know we are all born with all the resources we need to achieve that safely stored within us. It is how I know we will develop our intuitive abilities in spite of ourselves. It's what I know about you and me and it's what I wish I could truly have understood from childhood.

I needed this information long before I found it and, when I found it, I promised myself I'd write what I had learned someday so others could benefit from it, as I had. I would tell everyone about the incredible books and the life experiences through which I had learned; and I would encourage everyone to read, experience, and dig out their own psychic treasures for themselves.

I have had a really interesting life since the time I set out to learn these things. There have been things along the way that I regret and even a few that I thought I might just die from (and four life-threatening diseases I really could have died from) but the spiritual quest I've been on has been smashing! I wouldn't exchange my life for anyone else's.

I hope to convince you, as I have become convinced, that, even though you may not know it now, you really do have every resource necessary to meet every need in your life and it is all held safely within you. And I intend to help you experience some of the things I have experienced that will bring this awareness permanently into your awareness. I include bibliographies and names of groups you can attend to find your proofs of these things and activities you can do at home to become aware of your own power-and I really mean power!

The beauty of my discoveries is that they depend upon nothing outside yourself. You don't need to look to anyone or anything except yourself for help or inspiration. You don't need anything beyond what you have and what you are to accomplish this. All that you need to do is just what Socrates said: Know thyself.

You are at this very moment all that you will ever be and have ever been. If you don't understand why I say that and your reaction to it is to think you should toss this book aside because you aren't what you want to be and I don't know what I'm talking about, then I know that you don't know who you are yet.

Let me introduce you to yourself: You are the product of many lifetimes. You have had lifetimes in which you achieved greatly. You have had lifetimes in which you also achieved very little. You have sometimes been ecstatically happy and fulfilled; sometimes very sad and unfulfilled, indeed. Through it all, you have learned much and stored it all in the energy field that surrounds your body. You are always able to get in touch with that information and pull it into this life to use but you have scarcely ever known you could do that and so you have probably not consciously taken advantage of it.

The energy body that is you and contains all this information about you is always available to you--eternally available-because that part of you is eternal.

You are also a sending and receiving station of immense power. You have the ability to not only be in touch with your own past lifetimes but to also be in touch with those of everyone else who ever lived (and all who ever will live). In addition, you can tune in at the drop of an affirmation to any piece of information that is possessed by anyone else in the universe.

The fact that you may not have used these resources in your life so far to any great extent is no accident. There is intentionality in the universe and in everything that we do or see or say. There is intentionality in the fact that this book is now in your hands. It could not have helped you until now. You had to be at exactly the place where you find yourself now before such a book could begin to help. And remember, it can only help you to help yourself.

You are always at the right place at the right time because you have this power station that lets you reach out behind you in time and ahead of you in time and to every point in the universe and allows you to pluck from past, present and future the information that you need at each moment of your life.

You are right on target as you read this book today because you have always been in charge of your life. Your eternal self, your soul, if you will, has guided you and, through your soul, so have your guides and teachers.

Which brings us to the last major influence on your life-the entities who watch over us all eternally. We are blest to be guided and protected by these souls who have taken on the responsibility of helping us from the sidelines of life. We may never see them (although we may if we earnestly choose to) but they are always there and always available to us if we choose to call upon them.

They can help us fulfill our destinies if we do choose to call on them but they are not allowed to interfere in any way without our express consent and our invitation. We can always get help from these patient, dedicated souls who have access to the highest reaches of the unseen world. If help is needed from on high, they will bring it to us. No problem is too great, no struggle to daunting. Call for them and they will come.

It is said, and I believe it to be true, that we strayed from heaven when we found the vibration of this planet. We lowered our then very high vibration to allow us to reach the level of this world and we were enchanted by its beauty-almost as if it had cast a spell over us. Why else do many of us travel extensively on this planet? Why are we so moved by sunsets and flowers and trees and stars? Why do we paint it and sing of it and glorify it in a thousand ways?

But this world is a mere shadow of the vibration from which we came and our whole struggle on it has been to release ourselves from its enchantments and to return to the genuine beauty of our real home-that place we remember ever so slightly and ever so vaguely in this lifetime from our times in it between lives.

If you want proof of this, I always think you have only to watch a baby as it grows. All babies are bundles of enthusiasm. They are undaunted by the world and greet their parents as if they were long lost friends whom they could hardly wait to be with each day. Even if they are being mistreated or are catastrophically ill (I worked in a sub-acute hospital that cared for very sick children so I observed their incredible spunkiness), small children can hardly wait for the day to begin. They are bundles of endless energy, enthusiasm and strength. They are staunch survivors and loyal and loving allies who come to brighten everyone's life and give us all hope and inspiration. We are fortunate, indeed, if we have a small child in our lives so that we can be reminded of this lesson because we can see reflected in their eyes the life from which we all come when we return to earth.

Only creatures who have a long history of life experience and the further aid of resting in the grandeur of the in-between lives could possibly show such determination and spirit.

No matter what you may be feeling at this moment, you began your life just as all babies do, with courage, strength and joy. There is no reason why you cannot continue your life in the same way. What you were to begin with is what you should always be; and it is what you are underneath the layers of fear and guilt and despair that have accumulated within your consciousness through the years of your time on this enchanting planet, earth.

Futurists speak as if time traveling would happen to us only in some unknown place at some future time. It has always happened. We are time traveling every day of our lives. We reach back into our past to recall what we need to do the jobs we do, to receive the inspiration that we need. We reach into the future to receive the encouragement we need to continue, spinning webs of ideas about businesses and families we will have and then making those happen because we can project ourselves into the future. In fact, many people actually see their own future mates and children in their dreams, their imaginings and meditations before those loved ones actually come into their lives in the flesh.

As I write the words of this first chapter, I realize that I could not have written this book exactly as I am now writing it when I was invited to do so many years ago, because there are many things that I really didn't know enough about twenty years ago to make this the sturdy tool that it has now become. Now this book can be a staff to lean upon as you make your pilgrimage to the wisdom within you to achieve your coming of age spiritually, to receive the anointing that you so richly deserve and the cosmic consciousness experience that will raise you many levels in your being and remove much of the guilt and regret and pain that has so blocked your path.

When you read about the development of the soul from ancient books whose pages are gilded on the edges; when you see sand pictures, cave drawings, scrolls, ancient symbols that speak of mysteries known even before the printing press created its books about such things, know that the mysteries that they speak about, the glories of spiritual achievement that they promise to deliver to the seeker if only we follow their teachings, are merely symbolic.

YOU are the mystery school in which you must enroll. YOU are the developmental path your feet must follow. YOU are the purpose and the passion and the genesis of it all and you have always been fully developed. YOU have merely forgotten who you are.

YOU will now remember the excitement and fulfillment of the discovery of this about yourself!
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Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
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