Extraordinary Meditations of Ordinary People
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantI ask you, did Americans explore America, or what? Of course, we did! And today we are beginning to explore another unknown place. We are not just exploring the interior of the American continent, but the interior of Americans themselves.

The only way that the All That Is (God, Yahweh, etc.) becomes all it can be is when ordinary people explore it and give it a face and a voice. But how do you explore that which has no visible mass, no audible voice, nothing you can grasp with your hands, see with your eyes, hear with your ears?

You become very still and wait for it to show itself to you. You meditate, eyes open, eyes closed, walking, sitting, jump-roping, whatever works for you. You pray. You wait and listen. You ask. You write down what you find out about it. You make a map of your explorations.

But why? What can we hope to profit? The continent of America obviously had real value, we could sell it, trade it, build on it but what can we do with the interior of ourselves?

There has always been a source of answers for all of us. Call it God, call it The All That Is, call it Yahweh, Great Spirit, Divine Intelligence--call it what you like, but its dimensions are still the same--they are infinite--and we are all a part of it all and therefore connected with all it knows--the all that is.

This is a time when solutions to the world's problems seem to be in short supply. Where can we go for answers?

Perhaps our latest "worldly" hope is the Internet. We look to the Internet these days for answers to many questions. However, there is an INNERNET that surpasses and has always surpassed all other communications devices. This Net is not only a World Wide Web, it is a Universal Net.

The INNERNET is where we are and at the same time it is what we are connected with. We are an address on it and we are at the same time surfing it. It surrounds us, it is the air we breathe, the sky we are under, the path we walk, the university of mind.

Many Americans in the late 1800s, early 1900s, explored the inner world of self through hypnosis, mediumship, automatic writing, the Ouija board, past lives, and through lectures given by eastern consciousness explorers, yogis, maharishis, and the like. My father, his sister and their father, my grandfather, in about 1910, performed and lectured on the Chatauqua Circuit where many eastern people with magical, mystical powers performed and lectured. They saw these amazing people and their equally amazing feats. They were dumbfounded. But what is the use of such powers? Do they exist only to serve as an amazement to those who do not have them, simply to awe the world?

No, they exist in us all. Those who demonstrate them to the world do so to remind us of that. We always have the choice of merely viewing them or of manifesting them. And, clearly, if they open all the universe to us, then whatever guidance and information we may need at any given time is there for us to receive--we have only to allow ourselves to understand and profit from that.

You can find out more about meditation in the piece directly below this.

Making the Right Connections
by Pat Chalfant

I frequently tell clients when I'm reading for them that meditating would be a good idea for them. Sometimes it's because the person wants to be able to speak with a loved one or know their teacher on the other side of life.

Sometimes it's because Spirit shows me that this person should start to do meditation or sometimes that he should do more meditation. Frequently, clients ask me how to do that. Here is a discussion of meditation, its methods, its possible results, and why it is considered by many to be almost a magic wand:


When you begin meditation, seeking awareness and releasing inner powers, the psychic faculties will be the first to quicken…Silver Birch (The Guidance of Silver Birch)

Even if you never do anything else that's just for yourself and your personal growth, I do hope you will meditate!


Because meditation puts us in the only place where we can find the real answers: inside ourselves. In meditation we sink down into the featherbed of the inner self and are borne upon it gently and safely and are silently filled with the truths that our souls have searched for. Meditation is the foundation on which we build a constantly accessible connection with Eternal Truth and Abundance, the All That Is.

It only requires five minutes a day to begin a meditation commitment and is there anyone who can't spare five small minutes out of 24 hours? It requires making an appointment with one's self and keeping it at the same time each day.

Keep in mind that when you do meditate, the rule is the same as it should be with any other activity in life. You are the expert-this is your life and you have free will-so if you try it and it doesn't feel like the right thing to do, don't do it.

If meditation just feels "funny" or silly or uncomfortable or like nothing is happening, that's normal. Just do it again at the same time the next day and keep your appointment with Spirit and let Spirit do the work for you day after day. Don't worry at all about how it feels. Just keep this appointment with your authentic self each day and wait for results.

Any of you who are creative might be thinking by now that this is a lot like waiting for your "muse"-waiting for inspiration. Edgar Cayce, the Seer of Virginia Beach, said that intuition and creativity were akin to each other. The difference in this case is that rather than getting inspiration for an art form, a very limited area of life, you're waiting in meditation for the kinds of images and leadings and energies that are of universal scope and have life-changing potential...

If you find meditation frightening, have scary images and really feel uncomfortable doing it, only you still really want to try it, then just pray for a while on a regular daily basis. Prayer is a more "old-fashioned" familiar way of communicating with Spirit. Ask God (the Great Spirit) for guidance and protection and simply speak a prayer of your choosing inside your head-perhaps The Lord's Prayer, perhaps one you already know and love. When you finish the prayer then wait a few minutes in the silence. Practice praying for however many days or weeks you feel you need to think of it that way and after a few weeks, you'll probably just find yourself waiting in the silence when the prayer ends and you'll realize that now you are meditating in the silence.

As they always say, prayer is asking, meditation is waiting for the answer. I use The Lord's Prayer thinking of chakra points as I start to meditate. I'll describe that in a later segment of these tips on spiritual self-development.

Another tip is that you must leave fear, anger, resentment, and all other negatives outside the door of your inner self, each time you meditate. Whatever it takes to make you feel unafraid and positive, if it's washing your face and hands, saying the Lord's Prayer, repeating a favorite affirmation as you enter meditation, asking for forgiveness for any harm you may have caused anyone whether you were aware of it or not, whatever it takes to give you freedom from the cares of the world, do it. Leave the world's worries outside your meditation. This is all about just you and God.

Then begin to meditate by focusing simply on the in and out movement of your breath. Try to realize that spiritual help is as reliable as breathing. And it is just as real and basic to life as our need for air. Just observe the breath until you begin to feel silence inside. Then drift leaning on your oars, so to speak.

Spend the next minutes of the time you have allotted for meditation doing nothing with your mind except letting it be a living, breathing blankness--don't worry about time, because your inner self will bring you out of meditation in whatever length of time you ask it to before you go into meditation-believe me, it will, just try it-it's like your inner alarm clock in the morning.

Just resting peacefully, not allowing yourself to be troubled by any thought, sound, memory, any troublesome thing of any kind, be in your place of meditation within. Know that the reliability of your breath is the measure of your safety in this place. As breath is totally reliable, so is meditation. If sounds outside disturb your meditation, you can use those sounds by telling yourself that the sounds take you deeper and deeper into meditation.

There is to be no purpose other than this to your beginning meditations: you are learning to know your inner self and the first lesson is that it can be trusted to support you, just as you trust your breath to keep you alive. You are learning about the reliability and dependability of your inner self, your higher consciousness.

Repeat this "five minutes only" exercise once every day (but it will just naturally grow longer than five minutes, so let it). Then, in a while, add another five minutes and later another (if that hasn't already happened naturally), until you reach 15 minutes. If you wish to do more than 15 minutes a day, divide your meditation into two sessions, perhaps morning and evening. Take this slowly and do not push yourself.

If you find yourself drifting back into thinking about the cares of daily living, just gently, not self-critically, bring your attention back to the breath. Any anger at your self, criticism , or self-loathing will break concentration and have a disruptive, discouraging effect. You want this to be a happy experience and one that you will begin to look forward to. Keep everything positive and be very, very gentle, with yourself always. This is an ideal way to practice healthy self love and doing it in this intense inner way will make your healthy self image grow faster than it might otherwise.

Will this help you find your true love, your perfect companion, the best partner for you in all things-business, love, friendship? It will begin a process that will build your connection with your God within, Great Spirit, The All That Is, the Universal Consciousness, whatever you are comfortable calling this. It's the foundation for beginning to know when the feeling that is intuition is really intuition and when it is the mind of mankind interfering with your intuition and that's what will give you mastery over your "gut" feelings, your intuition. At the same time, it will open you up to the whole world of consciousness from which everything grows, including noticing your intuitive reaction to everything that happens to you, thereby allowing you to find the right companion, the right partner in everything.

The power that meditation has to transform lives is a hidden power, it is the power of Spirit. Edgar Cayce said that Spirit is the life, mind is the builder and the physical is the result. We want those three elements of ourselves in alignment for successful meditation. We need to align body and mind with our spiritual self. So, another good way to enter into meditation is to use just that phrase: Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, the physical is the result. Say it three times. It has been shown by those who research consciousness like Candace Pert, that saying a word or phrase three times engages the "old brain." This brings us to a place in consciousness that is like a pre-consciousness, more of an intuitive level.

As you make your inner Spirit-connection aware of your seriousness about your spiritual growth, it will begin to "make straight the path" for your feet to walk upon each day. It will smooth out the crooked places and make them straight. Remember always to leave your cares and negative thoughts and emotions outside the meditation door, the door of consciousness, and after you have reached the Place of Peace, the Peace that Passeth Understanding, mention whoever and whatever needs healing in your life.

Suspend your disbelief by letting it just fall away from you, and know that you have left your fear and troubled thoughts at the altar of God Consciousness as you close your meditation with thanks for the experience, saying something like, "Thank you, Spirit, for the perfection that you alone bring into my life and thank you for the ways that you will fill my words, my ways, my thoughts today with your healing Self, so that I may share your goodness with everyone whose life mine touches."

Try meditation for a period of three weeks, I know it will begin to change your life in ways you've never imagined possible. As you move along with this, not only will things seem to happen for the good without your needing to push to make them happen, but you will see that the things that you desired so much or were so concerned about (either concerned about the lack of, or concerned about the presence of), which may have actually caused you to try meditation in the first place, have finally moved into their rightful places in your life-!!

I have always believed that a cosmic consciousness experience I had many years ago was a direct result of starting to meditate regularly. There were other things I was doing, too, like attending psychic development classes, reading metaphysical books and going to lectures, and all that may have helped, too. But whatever may have generated that experience, I would not trade that experience for any thing in the world. Meditation can bear fruit we can't even begin to imagine.

There is a story under "Word from the Other Side" on this web site that gives one woman's account of a Cosmic Consciousness Experience. You might find that inspirational.

Some additional points about meditation--do not be self critical in meditation, mad at yourself for lack of concentration, frightened because an image comes up that's scary, repulsive, not "religious" enough, etc., because the connection will always be broken if you bring a jarring negative against yourself into your silent place. You will be jolted out of your peace. Just gently lead yourself back again, whatever comes, don't let annoyance with outside sounds, negative thoughts, etc. make you self critical or annoyed or angry because then you can't keep the balance within and we must keep the silence and the balance.

Do not expect to be able to keep the connection without having the mind wander, you may never arrive at this silence in toto, but it is not a black mark against you (there can be no black marks against you because you are exactly where you should be right now-you are always at the place where Spirit works through you because you, too, ARE Spirit). Just gently bring your mind back to the business at hand-meditation-and do the same thing no matter how many times you are distracted. Disruptive distractions will decrease in number as you persist.

Stop the meditation at the end of the time you've set (often you will come out of it automatically at the time chosen) The important part is to receive what your guides and teachers, what Spirit may have for you and remember that you may not be able to bring back from the meditative time any clear notion (anything to put into words) of what that material was that was transmitted to you, but do not worry. Just do the meditation, anyway, confident that you have received important energies and things that you will recall at the proper times, when you will need them the most. This has happened to me many times.

Important: If you never have any sights, sounds, colors, angels, lights, etc. occur in your meditation, that will be just fine, too. Even if you firmly believe nothing is happening, go right on practicing meditation anyway. You will begin to notice the differences in your life very soon and the awareness of real change will occur on the outside for you, rather than on the inside, anyway. Meditation takes the substance of your consciousness and makes it fertile, like a well-tended flowerbed. Spirit is doing its work within you.

You do not need to feel the poorer for not having any "wonderful" awarenesses in meditation, if you aren't aware of any. Spirit is using that space of time to weave your life's pattern into the perfect shape for you. Spirit knows what that can ideally be. You can ask for a way you want your life to become as part of your prayer and meditation, and if Spirit does not have something better for you, then what Spirit weaves for you will turn out to be what you requested. Sometimes, the best thing for you to be, however, is what only Spirit can create for you-so take heart and never feel that not having colorful things happen in meditation is bad and means you are not good at meditation. Meditation and its fruits are totally different for everyone.  

Be consistent about the time whenever you can. But meditate each day for no more than fifteen minutes (or any amount of time up to fifteen minutes) in the beginning-note both during and after meditation how you feel, even if you don't get any "pictures, sounds, scents, lights, etc." Keep a little note pad handy with a pen or pencil and jot down anything you feel is important. Maybe it will be just a feeling. Maybe it will be something more material.

Know that using your will to do this each day is enough of an accomplishment in the beginning. You are receiving results even when you don't recognize them. One person in my class "saw" a light when she looked across at a woman as we counted down at the end of meditation-the woman said "two" in the countdown and a light flashed where this woman sat. This girl who thought she could not "see" things in meditation (eyes closed) saw a light with her eyes open, and so we talked about the fact that we see both subjectively and objectively and that means a little flash of light seen with eyes open counts, too.

Try thinking of meditation content as something that imprints itself on your subconscious or some other level of your consciousness that is running separately, but simultaneously with your meditative time and mind, and know that you will retrieve the content for use sometime later-and I promise you, even when you think nothing was happening, you will retrieve it later and be amazed by it! Then you will realize you are meditating, even when you don't know you are.

Meditation could be thought of as a deliberate attempt to dip into this stream of consciousness that runs constantly beneath our conscious thoughts and to gradually get to a point where its inspirational content becomes more and more a thing we can tap into at will. It is something that will enrich our lives and give answers to problems, even when we don't notice it's happening at the time we're meditating. All of this may also be what generates what we call "Grace," as well-something wonderful happening out of the blue for no apparent reason.

Meditation may just increase the magnetism that is our natural birth right-the electromagnetic energy that permeates and surrounds each of us and attracts to us the circumstances we need to achieve the goals we've set for ourselves before we entered this earth plane. It certainly seems so to me.

Remember that when you give instructions to your subconscious mind-when you reach out for Spirit in meditation or "read" for someone, whatever your mind directs your body to do is what your body will do. So if you want to see past lives on a partner's face, don't doubt for a minute that the past life you said you wanted to see there is really what you see, or the reading you got for someone was really a pertinent reading. The growth of all this consciousness stuff is directly proportional to your belief in the validity of what you direct Spirit to bring to you. Believe and ye shall receive.                             

What makes us know that when we instruct the inner self to bring us knowledge of a certain kind of thing, it will do so? Why must it? Because we have free will and because it is our prerogative to creatively use our consciousness as we choose. When what we do is not for destructive ends, then we have every right to choose a certain channel for our creativity and the rule is ever that the body follows the instructions of the mind. So if you choose to see the aura or you choose to see the past lives of the person whose face you are peering into in semi-darkness, you may be sure the aura or the past life face will, in fact, be what you will see.

"Our path is an inward one. This is the more difficult path the more painful journey. We bear the responsibility for our own learning. This responsibility cannot be externalized and dumped on someone else, on some guru." (Dr. Brian Weiss, Only Love Is Real).

The kingdom of God is within you.

Love the journey into the interior of yourself. It's actually what you have been doing throughout your life without noticing you were doing it. Now you are just becoming aware of what it is and from here on, it will be much more interesting.

I close this as I began it, with more of the words of Silver Birch, "As sure as night follows day, as summer follows spring, as the seed bears its fruit, so the power of the Spirit will unfold itself, and each step on the ladder will bring you nearer to the fulfillment of your own being."
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