Life Between Life Work:
An Introduction to "Life Between Life" Work
by Lynne Krajenke
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Lynne Krajenke, MSW, CSW, Ch.T., has a unique method of working with clients based on Life Between Life work (the technique originated by Dr. Michael Newton). Her method includes spirit communication and guidance from her guides and teachers on the other side of life. She has been communicating with the spirit side of life since she was a child.

Lynn's teachers have now instructed her to teach this method to others and, accordingly, she began offering classes at the end of September 2003. If you are interested in either therapy sessions of the kind described in the following outline of her methodology, or the classes she now offers in this spirit-guided therapy, just contact her by email...

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Michael Newton has so extensively described the Life Between Life process in his two books, JOURNEY OF SOULS AND DESTINY OF SOULS, that I would like to describe how my team is working with the trance processes. Let me begin with my background. l'm an M.S W., trained as a psychotherapist. I knew I wanted to work with interventions that were powerful transformational tools. I was guided to Ann Spencer's International Medical & Dental School of Hypnotherapy. This provided me with a solid basis for hypnotherapeutic interventions. I later received a flyer in the mail for an Eye Movement Desensitizing Reprocessing training seminar. I had never heard of this before. Intellectually I was skeptical but felt compelled to attend.

After the first evening of the training, I was very pleased I had followed my feeling to attend this seminar. I knew this would be another powerful intervention as it can trigger abreactions from past lives and release negatively triggered emotional states through the process. I then had the opportunity to study with Henry Bolduc who was the presenter for the Association For Research & Enlightenment on Hypnotherapeutic subject matter. The ARE is the Edgar Cayce Association.

I have been channeling for over 30 years and had many psychic experiences as I was growing up before I even knew what the word psychic meant. I had been doing energy work for many years with my connections to spiritual beings on the other side. Initially my work entailed energetically moving through the chakras identifying the past-life issues anchored in the energy of each chakra and disclosed how those same energies were currently affecting the person's life. We then cleared that energy and proceeded to identify how the individual I was working with would experience those changes in their current life. Coping methods were provided to assist the person while they were in this clearing process these "re-wiring' sessions were providing.

That process shifted. During a session for a dear friend and colleague, I was told how my team on the other side wanted me to proceed. As a result of that session, EMDR, Past Life Regression and eventually Spiritual Regression protocols were combined. This new process was called Integrative Vibrational Therapy. The client identifies the current issues and patterns that are problematic in their life. These become the focal point for guiding the person to the past-life where these energies are pivotally anchored in.

You see, we are energetic beings. We are both transmitters of our energy and receptors. My teachers described our spiritual energy systems as being much like a hard drive of a computer. In other words our hard drive is "wired" with both our resiliencies and the challenges we have brought in to master in our life. The energy of this "wiring" is being transmitted constantly thus creating a perceptual field through which our relationships and experiences are filtered.

We perceive through the lens of our wiring. We experience people, situations, circumstances and events through the distortions the wiring of our challenges creates. Our wiring is also being communicated to the universe. In turn, the universe sends back to us people, situations, circumstances and events that reflect our wiring. Our life experiences are really mirroring back to us the energy we are transmitting. If we do not like aspects of our life, it is imperative to change the energy!

My teachers have identified a "re-wiring' process as the way we change the energy. As we "re-wire" our "negative" hard drive energies, the triggers of our issues and patterns are reduced and can be tracked by charting and journallng the frequency of our triggering, the duration of being triggered and intensity of each triggering. Also, through journallng, my clients record how their perceptual field and life experiences are shifting. As we are being "re-wired" the frequency of our energy is being raised. Our perceptual fields are being altered. The way we perceive relationships and our experiences are altered reflecting a higher spiritual awareness, a greater depth of compassion and understanding for ourselves and others.

What we are creating for our life experiences is also being altered as we attract to ourselves more and more positive experiences and people into our lives as well as responding from a higher "aware", non-reactive position. We must accept full responsibility for every aspect of our lives. We cannot just take credit for our accomplishments. If we are responsible for the positive experiences and relationships we attract to us, we are also responsible for the experiences and relationships we view as negative. Our CHALLENGES are usually replete with lessons! As we learn these lessons we move to higher levels of learning and mastery.

Earth is the emotional healing school. Everyone who is here is enrolled in the Masters Program. We develop our own curriculum of learning through the lives we choose to live; the challenges and tests that are inherent in each life time reflect the lessons we are here to learn. As we master one level of learning, we move onto another. That is all that is important to me! I do not get caught up in questions of mine or another's level of advancement that many of us hear discussed in metaphysical circles- Regardless of what spiritual developmental level anyone is functioning at, there is always the next level of learning for each of us. The other is distracting for me.

As mentioned earlier, the beginning of the EMDR protocol identifies the emotions of the current issues and patterns in the client's life. I ask for the client to be taken back to a pivotal past life where these energies are anchored in. Going back through the past life releases energy from the issues and patterns. Going through the death experience can be very powerful as we begin to experience transitions we have made in the past. We are able to experience how it feels to be who we really are as spiritual beings in contrast to the personality we lived our life through in the life we have just left. The client is then directed to go to their Higher Self.

Each experience between life times is different for each life we exit. Michael's Newton's books describe some of the varying places we can go to after leaving the body. Some go out into the Universe and have great experiences. Others move immediately into meeting with a portion of their soul group members. Others are met by loved ones and or a guide. A pet dog showed up in a client's greeting group with family members after their transition We know who we are as spiritual beings after leaving our bodies.

Most of the clients I've worked with are glad to be "back home" and want to move on away from the earth. One client, who had died as an alcoholic in the past life he was transitioning from, observed his higher self approaching to greet him after leaving his body. He immediately called out to his higher self stating that he knew he had "blown" that life and would have to repeat it.

We see with a clarity that might have evaded us on earth, the consequences of the choices we've made during our life. One client was so ashamed of himself that he isolated himself and built an energetic wall all around himself. The higher self came to assist him. It took quite a while for this person to respond to the energy and love the higher self was sending due to immense unworthiness issues which are pervasive in this person's current life. Another client allowed herself to be greeted by her mother after transitioning. However, she would only proceed so far. She then shut down, isolating herself. She was able to respond more easily to the nurturing of the Higher Self who came to assist her all the way home to her soul group.

Individually unique experiences are encountered in both the Integrative Vibrational Therapy process as well as the LBL. These have been orchestrated either by someone on the other side or the client is a soul who knows where he or she wants to go and is spiritually adept enough to move to those destinations themselves. Several of my clients have been able to do this One described several modalities of movement including just moving or kind of flying through space as most clients do. He then noted he was moving on something like an escalator. He arrived at something like a college campus and was moved into a classroom after a brief encounter with some friends. He complained loudly explaining he had just left a hard life and wanted a break --not school. The instructor was able to calm him down. The client then became aware of being in this classroom at night through lucid dreaming experiences in the current lifetime. This person was a health care professional and was being taught cellular regeneration!

Once the client is on the other side. he or she is directed to the higher Self Occasionally a guide or a healing angel will come in instead of the Higher Self When I questioned a Council of Eider member during one session as to why a guide appeared instead of the Higher Self the Council Member responded that it really didn't matter since they are all From the Light.

Once the connection has been made to the higher Self or the Being who has come to meet with the client, the past-life and the current life are processed. Any questions a client would like to ask can be asked at this time. The only time I have heard the Higher Self or the spokesperson on the Council of Elders refuse to answer a question is if the question addresses a situation in the person's life that has been set up to test the person. If they answer the question, the person loses the opportunity to pass the test. They will support and nurture the person around the testing challenges. Special messages are also communicated by the Higher Self to the individual.

The client then moves to the Council of Elders. Michael Newton's research states that these are beings who have completed the incarnating cycle and evolved to a very high spiritual level His findings indicate that these are the highest level of beings we communicate with on the other side with the exception of The Presence. The Presence will occasionally enter a council meeting to assist by moderating the difference between the lower energetic vibrations of the returning soul and the higher vibrations of the council members. This allows for the council to understand the challenges the returning soul experienced in life from an even more compassionate position.

The council members also process the past life and the current life with the client. Any questions may also be presented here. This may seem redundant, but I have never heard a council member duplicate any information that the Higher Self has given. We are such multi-dimensional beings and there are so many aspects to our spiritual growth and development that a great deal of information can be given without any replication. Special messages can be given here to connect the individual into remembering who they really are as a spiritual being and what they wanted to accomplish during this life incarnation. This empowers them to rise to the highest power of their spiritual energy/consciousness from which to perceive situations, circumstances and relationships.

When all questions and dialoguing are complete, I ask for the council and the Higher Self to assist with energetic clearing/re-wiring spiritually of all levels of the issues and patterns presented that is possible. While they are doing that, I work with EMDR which clears the negative emotions we have neurologically anchored in the body. These energies clear at the mental, emotional and physical levels since our neurology affects all aspects of our physical manifestation.

The EMDR protocol has a subjective scale which evaluates the intensity at which these emotions are being felt at the beginning of the session. After completing this process, the emotions are again evaluated. The reduction of the intensity of these emotions is usualIy significant! We then return to the Council Of Elders and ask them to report on how the client will experience this energetic re-wiring in their life. They often include coping suggestions, including calling on the Higher Self or themselves, to assist the individual while they are experiencing the residual effects of the energies remaining in the energy fields and the body. Our bodies could not handle a total "re-wiring" in one session. The lessons of the issues and patterns must be fully learned and understood. As they have explained, it has taken time and experiences to create the energy of the issues and patterns, it will take time to release them. These dialogues with the Higher Self and the Council of Elders are taped as is the past life regression for the client's easy referencing.

Some of us do not easily regress. I have found both in my work and from the information received from the other side that if we are carrying too much negative emotional energy, many clients are unable to enter a past life. Subconsciously they know more traumatic experiences await them and are the cause of their current life challenges.

Resistance to entering past lives may also be due to just not wanting to see or remember specific events that are usually anchored into negative issues and patterns in the current life. If there are too many unresolved traumatic or negative experiences in the current life, there is little emotional resilience to enter into a negatively charged past life. I usually work with these clients to reduce the negative energy of this life to a significant level before attempting regressing into a past life.

My team has developed a new therapeutic approach. The purpose of the work I do is to both clear negative energy from our energy fields and to connect with our Higher Self or our High Spiritual Teacher earlier than would often occur for those desiring to go into past life regressions, but have to clear their energy fields prior to successfully doing so In this process, EMDR is still used initially to clear negative energy sufficiently for the individual to regress to meet their Higher Self. Initial meetings with the Higher Self are usually tentative for the client due to fears about being fully present with the Higher Beings.

Nothing can be hid on the other side! So, perception of these spiritual beings can be somewhat clouded or distant in the beginning. After an initial interaction with the Higher Self, the client then moves into the healing chamber. This is a chamber that is flooded with white light. The white light is unconditional love, acceptance, understanding, wisdom and more of the Source Energy attributes.

Each person is asked to envision themselves being rolled into the chamber on a massage type table. Spiritual Beings, who are there especially for the client arriving, surround the table and begin the work. I am psychically present in the chamber. The work they do has been shown to me and looks much like psychic surgery. Another way they describe their work is to envision a shaft of wires surrounded by a protective covering. The shaft is opened and some wires are removed and others are re-calibrated. They could not possibly totally rewire us in one or even a few visits. Again, our bodies could not handle it!

One client arrived at a session proclaiming quite vociferously how he wanted them to pull out all of the stops and totally rewire him. Two days later I received a phone call from this client asking me to tell them to stop! He was so sick from the physical detoxing that he could not work or function. Those who work on us from the other side have to be accountable for what they do.

We must be able to function in our lives after they work on us. His team was teaching him a lesson. We accumulated these energies over time and it takes time to release them. We must also learn the accompanying lessons before energies can be released. I was told to tell this client that by the next morning everything would return to normal and it did.

Patience and being able to be totally present in each moment of our lives, regardless of what those moments hold, are two of the lessons. However, to the extent our energies are loaded down with the unresolved issues and patterns of the past, we are truly living out the past in our current life and, therefore, not truly "present" for the moments we are currently living. Only as those past-life energies are released do we align with our own spiritual essence and allow our Higher Self to merge with us. Then we are living life from a higher perceptual consciousness, a higher awareness. Our lives are then transformed and we can continue to evolve to higher and higher levels of awareness and functioning on the earth!

When the re-wiring is completed for this session, I am psychically given a report on what clients can anticipate as changes in their lives and any other messages this team might want relayed to the client.

We then return to the Higher Self. l ask the client to ask the Higher Self to validate, comment and/or elaborate on what I have channeled. Once this is completed the Higher Self communicates any other information that is felt to be important for the person. Usually, the Higher Self communicates how loved the person is. Tears often fall as this is not only heard but deeply felt by the individual.

If it is permitted, the person is then allowed to proceed to their Council Of Elders for the same exchange of information that was described in the Integrative Vibrational protocol. Sometimes past-lives are also revealed here by either the Higher Self or the Council Of Eiders. However, this is usually only enough to inform and not to overwhelm the individual. People frequently report that they can feel the energy work in their body as it was being done and report on the effects they experienced. This process is also taped for the client's easy referencing.

My team has named these processes Trance Therapy and are now requesting me to teach this to others. (The first class began on September 20, 2003.)
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