Discovering Edgar Cayce, Discovering Myself
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantI recall the parts of my life pretty much according to which part of the Edgar Cayce work I was "into" at that time.  Some people remember what they were doing and where they were, based on such things as songs that were popular at the time.  I do that too, however, I also remember where I was and what I was doing in relation to the Edgar Cayce material.

I discovered Edgar Cayce after my second marriage and before my third child  (from then  on, my life has been punctuated by which part of the Cayce work I was busy with at any given time.  Before that I had been born and lived in the Midwest, had started college at Indian University, then attended University of Arizona for a year and moved to New York City to Columbia University, then back to Indiana where I married for the first time.

Ten years later, I came to California in a traumatized state after the first marriage dissolved, but I didn't seek help from lawyers and psychiatrists and the professionals that people usually turn to in time of trouble.  I had become disillusioned with those people when I had turned to them before the marriage was ended only to find that there was not much help to be had there.  It was after that that I turned to the metaphysical field for help, instead.

The direction my life took after I left the Midwest in the `60s might have been entirely different if I had not discovered the Edgar Cayce work when I got to California .  During the subsequent years there were other influences, as well as the Cayce work.  There was a Lenten lecture series by Dr. Marcus Bach, the famous comparative religionist, that sent me looking into charismatic churches and there was an abiding interest in Spiritualism that grew from that, but Cayce's readings and the remedies were always actively present in my life from that first discovery on.

This all happened because Jess Stearn was on a television talk show when I switched on my TV one sunny morning in a motel just off Hollywood Blvd. In 1964, right after we arrived in L.A. . The author was talking about a "psychic"  named Edgar Cayce who had done distance readings for many years of his life for people all over the world and had diagnosed and prescribed what were basically natural remedies that had many times cured them.

I immediately walked down to Hollywood Blvd. and bought the book that the author was promoting that day, Door to the Future.  I loved the title then and I still do.  I think I really bought it almost as much because of its title, as its subject matter.  Just writing these words brings a wave of nostalgia for the days in the 1960s when the field of Psi was all still new to me and there was such a passionate interest in it in Hollywood .  I wish I could do it all over again.  It was a totally fascinating time to begin living in L.A.

I was attempting to find music jobs in Los Angeles shortly after I arrived here and at the same time, I was still discovering, driven by the impetus of that first Edgar Cayce book, everything I could about the metaphysical field.  After my third child was five years old, I had collected so much information that I found myself writing and putting together ideas for books and columns about the psychic field.

I sold one of those columns to a tabloid chain, the National Tattler (sounds tacky, I know, but it was at checkout stands nationally alongside the Enquirer and I ended up with feature articles in it, as well as my column, "Occultest," in a satellite paper, so the public exposure was a good thing).  I had first had my psychic columns published in a national astrology newspaper, Rising Sign, as "Your Psi Q" and then sold it to the Tattler chain afterward which named it "Occultest."

During the time that I had the column, I began interviewing stars and their psychics, which turned out to be definitely a fun thing to do.  When I had lived in the Midwest, before California , I had for years been a book reviewer and I had loved it.  I loved this even more.

The passion that I still feel for interviewing and writing about people really began when I sold my first interview article to the Tattler about a woman who believed she had discovered evidence of Atlantis off the coast of Spain .  Some writer on staff at the paper put her byline on the story after slightly changing only the last two lines of the article.  So with one fell swoop I'd had my first article published in a national newspaper, and had subsequently learned a valuable lesson about that particular venue: you may have to forego fame and just be content with a paycheck.

I later edited the Atlantis discoverer's book about her theories and discoveries.  It might be that none of this would have happened if I had not read Jess Stearns' book.  His book was truly the Door to the Future-for me..   

Somewhere in that time period, I made a California friend, Jan Morosoff, and we were best friends for years, (and we still are).  I have occasionally communicated with her ever since her death two years ago occasionally through inspirational writing.  She ran a book shop, Books, Etc., in Sherman Oaks, where I usually shopped.  Their small shop had a really good metaphysical book section which I haunted.  She was interested enough in the psychic world to be attending a class for psychic development and had a remarkable experience while she was in that class that I put into a story that appears, even as I write this, on my web site,  It is called "The Ivory Pendant.  She was the one who suggested "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory" to the man who actually made a movie out of it.  She and her husband, Bill, had known many movie and television actors and writers through their book store.

At one point we even operated a metaphysical lecture series together.  So, now I not only was published regularly in a national newspaper, but I also operated a local lecture series.  A book editor saw my newspaper column and wanted me to write a book about the discoveries that I had made through the reading I had done and through interviewing psychics and researchers for the column.  Again, none of these things, I am convinced, would have happened without Door to the Future.

Then, abruptly, the Edgar Cayce readings came back to the forefront of my life, this time for physical healing needs.  I had a bout with cancer of the thyroid.  It was discovered through a routine medical exam for a job as an administrative assistant for the American Medical Association's  Physicians Advisory Committee, a standing AMA committee that checked medical accuracy for writers and producers in films and television.  In a panic, I immediately joined the ARE, which I hadn't done when I had first learned about Cayce and I sent for material on cancer from the circulating files.  I had, of course, continued to buy and read the steady stream of books that were annually pouring forth about Cayce, so I delved into them for answers, too.

I had discovered Religious Science churches and even served as staff soloist  in the church in Van Nuys , California for a number of years.  I had originally found Religious Science because my husband had been a big band group singer and had friends who told him about singer Peggy Lee's total reliance on Religious Science practitioners for healing when she was ill but had to continue to be "up" for rehearsals.  He had attended the first church in L.A. with his friends and thought it might be helpful to me when I was first getting over the divorce and its trauma right after we came to L.A.    So, I turned to them, as well, for healing treatment when cancer struck me that first time.

In one of the Jess Stearn books about Cayce I remembered a brief bio about a healer, Douglas Johnson, so I looked him up and had several treatments from him before I had the tumor on my larynx removed surgically.  When it was removed, it was found to have been almost completely calcified.

I had surgery, recovered from the cancer, and simultaneously worked at AMA while I served as soloist for the Van Nuys Religious Science Church.  My next office position was as private secretary to the General Manager of the Shubert Theatre in Century City .  I found that job after the AMA office was shut down and I was without a job.  My accompanist at the Religious Science church had a friend who was the general manager.  He needed an assistant.  I interviewed and got the job.  I continued to solo in the church in Van Nuys and began writing religious songs while I sang there, My accompanist, Carl Simone, helped me with the songs I wrote by correcting the notation for me.  He composed and arranged for "Organ" magazine at that time.

I held other paid solo positions with churches through the years and continued to write religious songs.  The Spiritualist, was the last church where I played the keyboard and used my own songs and I was also lecturing and doing readings for the congregation there.  It was the Chapel of the Flowers in Van Nuys , California .  I was a member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches hymnal committee during that time.  Two of my songs were chosen for that new Hymnal much to my joy.  I have, as I said before, a web site on which I have put many of the things I've written through the years, especially the interviews and columns.  I still teach psychic development and lecture as I did in the Spiritualist Church in Van Nuys, but since the church closed, I now do all that online.  I have written a textbook about studying Mediumship online because of that, too.

Like the psychics I once interviewed and wrote about, I now actually work doing readings, even though I would never have thought such a thing was possible in the early days of my life.  Yes, even though I heard music that wasn't there (sounding just like it came from a radio) from ages 6 to 12, which then one day, just as suddenly as it had come, exited the stage of my consciousness, never to return.  And, even though I had once set up a hand mirror on my dressing table after reading my mother's Rosicrucian textbook (which I had promised her I wouldn't read) and I saw a man in my mirror (it was set up for scrying, as you do with a crystal ball) who looked, I later learned from a picture in a dictionary, like an alchemist.

 I actually met Jess Stearn later in life and told him something about the influence his books about Cayce had had on my life.  I was with my friend Jan, at a psychic convention selling books at her book store's book table.  It was one of those small world moments because Jess Stearn, who was speaking at that convention, had just published a new book that was selling like hot cakes at our concession book table (as it was that year everywhere books were sold), The Psychic Lives of Taylor Caldwell

We spent some minutes alone with him just chatting and Jan told him that she had at one time known and worked for the hypnotherapist that Jess had used for the past life regressions that were the backbone of this new book.  Jess had convinced Taylor Caldwell to try past life regression when she'd asked if he knew what could lift the profound depression that was crippling her life and her writing.  It was truly a gem of a "small world" experience.

Until about five years ago, I had for ten years written interviews with past life therapists for the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies.  Again, I suspect I might not have done that except for Cayce.  When I first read what the readings had to say about past lives, I knew immediately that it was true, even though I had never given past lives a thought before.  Whenever I was telling people about Cayce and past lives, I would always find the old Christian hymn playing inside my head, "I Love to Tell the Story" which, of course, is about Christ, but to me It seemed to epitomize Edgar Cayce's past life material.  I finally got my credentialing for mediumship several years ago from an organization that allows churches to teach about past lives, because I couldn't bring myself to be credentialed by any Spiritualist church that had always been officially anti-reincarnation as many were.

There have been many other Edgar Cayce "book marks" in my life as I've lived it.  There was the eight-year experience with doing both musicals and straight dramatic plays locally.  That was when I had worked with the Cayce notion of discovering your ideal and using the ideal to focus and intensify your life's progress toward realization of that ideal in this existence.  I did the exercise and found my ideal, which was: to help others realize their potential as I worked to realize my own.

I began during that period to try while I worked in theatre to help others with talent to find work, too, and to believe in their own talent when they seemed to doubt it.  Many years later one of those people, a young black piano player, called me out of the blue and said he was just calling to let me know he remembered my kindness in telling him about auditions for jobs and for my belief in his talent and he just felt he wanted me to know he appreciated it.  I was very moved by that.  I felt it was confirmation that by identifying my ideal, I was now on the right path.

Lynne Krajenke, Robert Krajenke's  former wife, who does Michael Newton's Life Between Life work, and whom I interviewed last year, stated that she feels she occupies a blessed position as a Life Between Life facilitator, helping people heal by coming to understand their present in terms of  the time before they came into this life,  through contact with the elders on the other side of life. I, feel I occupy a blessed position because, again and again, I am present at miraculous moments when clients and students reach the point where they prove the continuity of life for themselves.  I cannot think of anything I would rather do than what I do; and I can't think of anything more that I could possibly wish for, except to keep on becoming more creative and therefore, more useful to others and to have my life keep on keeping on, which, I know now it will.

I have also from the very beginning of reading in this field of metaphysics, been interested in the research aspect, as well.

I like to think that I look at it in much the same way that my favorite Spiritualist pioneer, J.S. Loveland did: "If spirits produce the phenomena ascribed to them, I want to know the law by which they do them. If, as affirmed, mediumship is necessary, and human beings are the necessary agents, I want to know what vital and other forces of man are required. I want to know what effects, good or bad, this mediumship will produce upon the medium. I want to comprehend the physiological and psychological laws of this condition, to know how to avoid dangers if there are any, and how to come into harmony with the forces and conditions inducing the state." by J. S. Loveland, who wrote the 1st Spiritualist book: The Esoteric Truths of Spiritualism.
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Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
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