Astral Planes: Can We Visit Astral Planes?
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantAgainst all odds, productive mental activity has occurred on this very hot Sunday, the day after our 6/17/06 class concerning Saturday's class topic.  We were discussing the various planes to which we go after death, and through which we go, on the Other Side, but that we can attain to for various purposes and in altered states.  A few things have occurred to me today that I'd like to share:

The housekeeper at the Brunos' told me a story that is on my site under "Word from the Other Side."  To save you the time it takes to go to the site, find and click into the correct menu box, here's the story she told:

Her five-year-old daughter, Cindy, had been so emotionally distraught for months after her father's death that Cordelia Acevedo feared for her sanity.  In the middle of the night one night, however, a great thing occurred; she was wakened by Cindy coming into her room, waking her up, and saying, "Mama, I'm not going to cry again because my daddy died; he came tonight while I was in bed and took me to the house where he is living now and it has pretty flowers and trees-we flew there and then he came with me and we flew back-and I'm not worried about him any more."

This is a brief version of the story, but there was no doubt in Cordelia's wonderfully spiritual mind that her daughter had really been taken to the Other Side of life and shown her father's new whereabouts and that it had, indeed, broken the dark spell of grief that had threatened to carry her daughter's mind away from her.  Cindy did not cry over his death any more after that night.

So, to answer Jeff's question about whether mediums travel to the astral plane-if a little five-year-old girl can travel to the astral with her father, which is clearly where she had been taken, there can be no barrier to any of us rising to that level when we want or need to.  I'm not 100% sure that was exactly what he was asking about, but it's a good story, regardless of that.

Here is another story, which I have told in class more than once since it happened a year ago.  I attended a retreat where Dr. Robert Brumet at Unity Village was teaching meditation in the Noble Silence (if you've heard this story already just skip it).  I believe that it has to do with both the planes on the Other Side and with physical mediumship, as well.

Dr. Brumet was lecturing one day during the retreat and suddenly I noticed that a white cloud cloudlike substance was forming over his shoulder, making a circle with an opening in the middle, like a doughnut, but almost as soon as I thought of that, I saw a Buddha-like figure form in the hole in the middle in black and white.  My daughter Beth, who was my real reason for going to Unity Village last year because she was performing the music from her CD there, when I told her the vision, said I really must tell him.  I said I didn't think I would because I wasn't there to gain attention in any way, but she kept insisting.

I finally told him, at the very last moment right after he finished his final lecture and had a breathing space where no one wanted his attention yet, that I was an intuitive (didn't want negatives about mediumship to stand between us so I didn't say I was a "Spiritualist"). Then I described the white cloud with the hole in the middle, and the Buddha-like meditative figure that appeared in it.   I could not have been more surprised when he replied, eyes very wide, "That's very interesting, because in previous years when my photos have been taken, that image appeared in them."

I thanked him for the confirmation-and what a unique confirmation it was!  But, even though I didn't get to see those photos (I wish I could have), it tells me that the image that I had seen with my eyes wide open was meant somehow to confirm  what had previously happened to him.  He asked me what I thought it meant.  You may wonder the same thing.  I certainly did.

Certainly, the photos taken of him with this image in them demonstrated what the Spiritualists call physical mediumship, through Spirit Photography.  By their belief system, it would have been the photographer who would have been the one with that mediumistic gift.

It could have been on my part simply objective clairvoyance in which his guide or teacher who helped from the Other Side as he taught this meditation technique revealed himself to me, perhaps from his position on the Other Side of life in the Celestial plane.

This guide, wherever and why ever he showed himself to me, appeared to me in the same way that other spirits do who come to make contact through me with someone I am reading for on earth.  It served, I think, to make my daughter Beth believe I had some validity as a medium.  It served to put a question in both Dr. Brumet's mind and mine about what it might mean, and, regardless of its meaning, I feel it renewed our faith in those things we both pursue.  It certainly did that for mine.  When he asked if I were staying on a day or so, I was sorry I had to say I was leaving early the next day.  I'd love to have gotten copies of the pictures he mentioned.  -- Pat Chalfant

P.S.  I want to reiterate that when we do psychometry, we need to either learn to read the vibrations, the energy, of the object we're psychometrizing, or ask your guide to link to the owner of the object and bring the information to you and deposit it on the mirror of your mind; but never think of this as reaching out to or being pulled to the person we "think" is the one whose object we hold.  By doing the latter, we can defeat ourselves every time.  The object of the exercise is to "read" the object's vibrations or, if it seems easier, to get the info from our guide.
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