Can Human Beings Affect the Weather?
by Chris Ullman
April 23rd, 2005 (a 7 day - numerologically speaking, 4 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 5 = 16, 1 + 6 = 7):

The evening of April 22nd, I attempted the exercises outlined at by Ken Adachi, which explain how to develop the "visual ray". The first exercise involves using your fingertips to "feel" the etheric presence of the energy body (aka, the etheric body). After a couple of minutes, I could indeed feel the etheric energy surrounding my fingers. I was moderately pleased by this, but still skeptical (even though I know with absolute certainty that all things possess this etheric body; funny how your own "rational mind" can become your worst enemy - wink). The second exercise involves using your "visual ray" to "touch objects in a darkened room". I attempted this exercise for several minutes with no noticeable success - and then I fell asleep.

On the morning of the 23rd (Saturday), I awoke to a clear blue sky. The day before had been wall-to-wall chemspray, and I was very pleased to see that the sky was "back to normal" (it actually IS "normal" in the Phoenix area these days, to see virtually no chemspray in the sky). Around 10:30 a.m. I noticed several big, puffy cumulus clouds forming in the sky. There appeared to be some wisps of chemspray, too, as the morning wore on, but mostly the sky was still bright blue, with cotton-ball Q-tip-like clouds. I went to the mall and bought a small carry bag for my journey north. (And a nail-care kit, which was hustled on me by an amazingly sharp female saleswoman at a kiosk - I couldn't use the kit, myself, but figured it would make a nice Mother's Day gift...)

I returned to my hotel suite and began a serious mental debate about whether or not I should spend the remainder of my Saturday down in Tempe, 30 miles southwest of my hotel. Part of me was standing firm against this idea with all its might; the other part of me had been wanting to do this since the last time I had been in Tempe, several days earlier.

About 2:00 p.m., I decided to "go for it". So I crossed the street and sat at the bus bench across from my hotel on Dunlap Avenue, in North Phoenix, and waited for my ride. The bus was due at 2:15 p.m., according to the online schedule.

I noticed immediately, upon surveying the sky, that the number of cotton-ball-type clouds in the sky was continuing to grow. Big, white, puffy cumulus clouds - just like the ones Ken Adachi says are perfect for "busting" with one's "visual ray". Having not had any success the night before while trying to "touch objects in the darkened room" with my "visual ray", I had zero expectations when I attempted my very first "cloud bust"...

I picked out a smallish, puffy, cumulus cloud for my first trial. It was northwest of my position on the bus bench. I followed Trevor Constable's advice (Trevor Constable is a pioneer in the use of orgone energy, and he is oft-quoted by Ken Adachi on Ken's web site) and began to "cut up the cloud" with quick lateral movements of my eyes, from side to side, and while I was doing this, I noticed, as time wore on, that I could see the cloud's aura, clearly outlined in dark blue. Nothing much happened the first minute. But then, as I became more focused, and as I internally voiced, "Come into me" (over and over) - the cloud began to break up. It began to... disappear. First the edges on the right side began to wither, and then I noticed that the entire cloud was completely dissipating - and then it evaporated more quickly the more I stepped up my assault.

Within four minutes at the very most the entire cloud was gone.

My first reaction came from the "rational" mind: coincidence. This deeply ingrained knee-jerk human response to the awesome power of infinity, is something I call The Backyard Syndrome (it might happen, yeah, but not in MY backyard).

It was now 2:15 p.m. and the bus was supposedly due any minute. I glanced down the street and saw that the bus was nowhere in sight. So I picked out another cloud, virtually the same size as the first one, and proceeded on with my experiment.

The same thing happened - the cloud disappeared after about three minutes of intense concentration, and quick lateral and vertical "chopping" eye movements.

Now I was getting interested.

In both cases, the clouds were the first of a long series of small, puffy, white, cumulus clouds, arranged in a lateral bank, like furrows in a field. And in both cases, NONE of the other clouds in the series disappeared when they reached the exact location of the spot in the sky where I busted the first cloud in the series. (My "rational mind" told me initially that the clouds disappeared due to high wind gusts in the sky, at their precise "disintegration" locations - but this was disproven because as the rest of the clouds passed through that same locale, they did NOT dissipate.)

Now it was time for a third experiment. (Third time's a charm.) Again I looked down the street to make sure the bus was not coming. This time I picked out a bigger cloud. It was located in the middle segment of a larger series of cumulus puff balls - instead of at the front, as had been the case with the first two experiments.

I figured if I could make a central one disappear without affecting the others, then there would be no doubt that Constable's "visual ray" cloud-busting technique actually worked.

This third cloud was stubborn. The first three minutes or so, nothing happened. And so I began to doubt the whole affair. But then, the edges slowly began to dissipate - and, seeing that it was indeed working, I focused harder, continuing to voice inwardly, "Come into me"...

And then the entire right side of the cloud slowly "drained off".

Two minutes later the whole cloud was gone - leaving the others in the bank untouched.

The bus came about 2:35 p.m. and I hopped on, completely amazed at what I had just experienced. I tried to dissipate another cumulus cloud while on the bus - but I knew innately that it would not work, even though I made the attempt. Why? Because I was not "grounded". One must be grounded to the earth in order to make this happen...  (*Note - this assumption is NOT true; a week or so later I successfully vaporized a large puff ball while riding on a bus... never say never and you might see forever, etc.)

I arrived in Tempe about 4:00 p.m. and I picked out a little hole-in-the-wall bar on Mill Avenue, which would allow me to face a glorious bank of cotton-ball cumulus clouds while I sat sipping beer on the patio outside. About an hour after my arrival, I again picked out a cloud on the skyline. It was roughly the same smallish size as the first two clouds that I had "busted" earlier on the bus bench. And again, this cloud disappeared while I focused on it with my visual ray - but this time it vanished much faster than the first three had...

What an amazing day...

Note: The day was amazing in more ways than one. For example, after I had busted up the first three clouds and was riding on the bus, heading towards Tempe, I noticed that a storm front was moving in rapidly from the southwest. It approached my location on the bus, and then it seemed to be held back... this is the only way I can express my feelings about what happened. It then slowly pushed to the northwest, right around where I was (it was skirting me, I sensed this) to roughly the same location where I had busted up the clouds. Intuitively I knew that what I had done had facilitated a rainstorm, somehow. When I was sitting out front of the saloon in Tempe, the sun was literally right in my face, due west of my position. And for the entire two hours that I sat outside, the sky was literally divided - from north to south - at the point where the sun sat in the sky. To the north there were dark clouds, storm-type clouds. And to the south there were white, puffy, cumulus-type clouds - mixed with chemspray. At one point, a sprayer jet flew on a direct line toward the setting sun. Its greasy chemtrail was clearly visible as it proceeded west. (This was about the time I made my fifth and final attempt at cloud busting, for the day.)

While I sat outside the saloon, I heard someone talking about how strange it was, that storms had been hitting the entire Phoenix area - but so far Tempe had been untouched. I made a mental note of this comment.

When I got off the bus after making the 80-minute ride home, I decided to walk up N. 19th St. and go have another beer at this little road house before stopping on my way home to pick up some food and then call it a night. The atmosphere in the sky was "electric" (literally). A major storm was brewing. Yet somehow I KNEW that I would be untouched while making the 10-minute walk to the bar. The wind was gusting and swirling wildly, and the smell of rain was heavy in the air. And yet, nothing fell on me. I got to the bar and immediately decided to turn around and walk back towards my hotel and get my food - I was starved. So I began to walk back in the opposite direction from which I had come, right into the teeth of the amassing storm that had been right on my heels during my walk north. Would the storm abate while I walked into it? Yes. Despite the fact that it was definitely raining hard less than a block ahead of me, the rain did not hit me on the southern leg of my return journey - and I could FEEL the storm clouds moving to the south directly ahead of me, as I walked towards the storm.

I know this sounds very odd but it's nonetheless true.

I walked due south right into the teeth of that storm - and only a few rain drops hit me. I then walked west to the Mexican restaurant, and that's when the storm really began to ramp up. As I reached the overhanging outdoor canopy of the restaurant and placed my order, the rain began to come down hard, all around me. And as I walked due west to my hotel, carrying my food, the rain then began to hit me. But the odd thing was, the rain STILL didn't pelt me like it should have. It hit me, yes, but I got the feeling that there was some sort of ethereal shaft of energy emanating upward and away from my body that was shielding me from the brunt of the storm. I also felt as if the energy in the storm was being HELD BACK... a few drops hit my arms, and nothing more. Even though rain was beginning to pelt the pavement all around me.

Once I arrived at my hotel suite and dug into my food, all hell broke loose outside. The rain came down in torrents. The tiled roof of the hotel was gushing water in rivers as I sat and gazed out of my window while eating. The storm went on like that for about two hours. It was the first time I had really seen it rain here in Phoenix, in the five-plus weeks that I have been here. One morning I saw some water on the driveway of my hotel, and I knew it had drizzled earlier as a result, but this was the first and only time that I had seen it rain in Phoenix during the previous six weeks...

The weather forecast had called for a VERY slight chance of VERY brief thunderstorms on Sunday evening - not on Saturday evening...

I guess it got here a little bit ahead of schedule, and it packed more of a wallop than anticipated.

April 24th, 2005 (an 8 day):

In order to make sure I wasn't hallucinating yesterday (ha), I stood on my balcony this morning at about 8:00 a.m. and busted up three clouds in a row... the first one was really quick. It was a very small puff of a cloud - it completely dissipated within one minute of the time I started gazing at it.

The second attempt was much more interesting. I decided to only "inhale" half of it - the right side of the formation only. And sure enough, after about two minutes of focused intent, the portion I was locked in on was completely gone.

The third cloud was long and thin. It was the largest cloud I have tried to bust up thus far. It took a while, but I got ninety percent of it before I realized that yes, this technique does indeed work, and I came inside to write this down.

***Note: Just busted another puff ball, about 12:20 p.m., Sunday, April 24th. I initially tried to dissolve only the top-left portion of a larger cumulus cloud. I focused for about a minute on only this portion, to no avail. But then I noticed that the entire cloud's aura was clearly visible - a deep, rich, bright blue - and then the LARGER part of the cloud began to disappear, not the top-left portion. So I refocused on only the larger portion and in about a minute it was completely gone. Now only the top-left portion remained. It took me a bit longer to drain that off, too - but I got the entire formation. This cloud was bigger than any I'd tried to dissolve thus far. All the other clouds around it were left intact. Truly amazing stuff...

Instinct is telling me that being barefoot helps speed up the process. This makes sense when you stop to think about it. A person is more "grounded" when barefoot. Yesterday I had on rubber-soled tennis shoes. I suppose that with practice, as is the case with everything else, one becomes more proficient at this art/science.

2:50 p.m., April 24th: Just busted another fragment of a puff ball - it took me about 45 seconds max. The process began instantaneously. It was a very small fragment but I sensed that wagging my tongue inside my mouth from side to side - against my lower gum line, just under my front teeth - seemed to help with the process. I'm now wondering if entire, large, cumulus clouds - even those containing rain - can be "vanished" in the same fashion... and I wonder what else can be "vanished" using this technique... hmm...

4:40 p.m., April 24th: Just "vanished" a small wisp of a Q-tip cloud in a matter of seconds; afterwards, I did the same thing to a largish cotton-ball cloud. It took about three minutes, maybe, to do it (this was the largest cloud I've busted thus far)... again I wonder if really large cumulus clouds can be "inhaled"... I believe that one could do this, even with a rain cloud... if a person had the will to channel the ethereal energy through their body and into the ground - why not?... I am starting to really SEE the ethereal fields of these clouds now (a deep, dark-blue aura behind the cloud vapor after I drain it off), as I progress with my experiments in "cloud busting"...

Statistics: I am eleven for eleven now, at bust-up attempts...

April 25th, 2005 (a 9 day):

While waiting for a bus to take me to points south (I thought I would go and get some healthy food at this farmer's market chain store; didn't make it, no worries) I stood near an iron railing at the southwest corner of Dunlap and Black Canyon, and sucked down some clouds. My first attempt was very interesting. The cloud bank was some distance away to the south and west, and it was quite stubborn. In retrospect I now realize that it was VERY LARGE - and it was so far away it only appeared to be small... It faded away to nothing, eventually - next to nothing, to put it more accurately; I could still see more than just its etheric outline after some lengthy "sucking" - and then it CAME BACK. And when it came back, it came back LARGER and WHITER than it had been when I first started trying to "vanish" it... Interesting. I had been focusing on the notion of CREATING clouds with vacuumed, ethereal cloud energy, while I vanished it... perhaps I got my signals crossed? I then proceeded to "disappear" several small puff balls over the next 15 minutes or so - including a sizable puff bank due north of my position. Many of them went very quickly. I estimate that most of the smaller wisp-type balls are vanishing inside of one minute, now, when I "give them the eye"...

While waiting for the 19 bus at the Glendale and 19th intersection, I "vacuumed" up two puff balls, very quickly - including the upper-left portion of this very large puff-ball bank. This was quite extraordinary and left me wondering if I could do ARTWORK in the clouds - sculpt them - make smiley faces, etc. Ha ha. I know it's possible... my technique is still being honed here but I think this will happen down the road... and it is what I think it is... and I am what I think I am... we gravitate toward that which we think about, as that which we think about gravitates toward us, etc.

When I arrived home, I ate lunch (a delicious chicken tostada from my favorite Mexican joint in the world - "The Big Burrito") and then I swiftly "vanished" a decent-sized puff ball while smoking a cigarette on the patio... this is quite possibly the coolest little trick I have ever learned, but I realize now that I must find some practical application for this new talent of mine... it seems to me that all this trick will do is make people think I'm a witch, or possessed by demons if I just use it to show off... and making clouds disappear, although very interesting, does not appear to lend itself to doing much good for the earth or mankind in general, at least as far as I can tell at this juncture... perhaps the storm that hit on Saturday night was a result of gifting in the Phoenix area, and it was helped along and quite possibly channeled into certain areas, via the cloud-busting I did on that day... I am quite certain now that this exercise is very much in the realm of demonstrating the infinite power of focused intent, as much as it is an example of the use of one's dormant "visual ray"... all is energy (including clouds, and visual rays), and energy is all...

May 29th, 2005 (a 5 day):

I asked an employee for Greyhound what the weather was like yesterday - "Did it rain hard?" - while smoking a cigarette outside the bus depot in Amarillo Texas. She said that it had only sprinkled a bit in the morning, and, much to her surprise, it didn't rain at all the rest of the day, despite the ominous weather forecasts...

I wanted to find out because yesterday I was mightily convinced that I had been affecting the weather, ever since I had reached Indio, California, over two months earlier. But crossing over from suspicion to understanding, takes time in many cases. Especially when the learning experience is something that is way beyond the pale of what we have been taught to believe as being possible.

Yesterday while riding on the bus from Albuquerque to Amarillo, the same southern squall line was visible during the bus ride, that had evidenced itself during the ride the previous day from Flagstaff to Albuquerque. Sheets of pounding rain were clearly visible to the south as we headed east, all along the horizon. The swirling blue hole above the bus, that had been present in even greater dimensions while riding from Flagstaff to Albuquerque the previous day, was visible again yesterday, although its circumference and diameter were greatly reduced - despite the presence of dark cumulus clouds and obvious thunderheads, which virtually blocked out the sky in all directions.

These storm clouds never got close enough to totally obliterate the blue hole, let alone produce a rainstorm....

Once, rain fell very briefly during our trip east yesterday. But this lasted all of two minutes max, dousing the windshield with large-sized raindrops - and then it was gone.

Yesterday's forecast for the Amarillo area called for heavy thunderstorms, especially in the late afternoon and into the rest of the evening.

While walking from my hotel room at the Fifth Season Inn (interesting name, eh), on I-40 West in Amarillo about 5:00 p.m. yesterday, dark storm clouds were amassing overhead as I began my short walk to the west. I knew with absolute certainty that it would not rain in a significant fashion, however, and as I walked west towards an Amoco convenience store to get some cash and some food, hard rain drops began to fall at one point during my three-minute walk. Instinctively, I knew these drops would be short-lived and would not hit me as I walked, which had happened in Phoenix during my first successful cloud-busting attempt a few weeks earlier. Despite the fact that significant amounts of pelting rain drops were falling all around me during this brief rainstorm, only ONE drop hit my left arm - and that was it. Very shortly after that single raindrop had hit my arm I entered a steakhouse called the Hoffbrau to see if they had an ATM (they didn't), and when I came out a minute or so later, the rain had stopped.

It did not rain the rest of the day, nor did it rain that evening, nor did it rain this morning, nor did it rain early this afternoon as I was waiting for my replacement bus to take me from Amarillo to Oklahoma City (the original bus was packed and I had to wait for a second bus, which took about an hour and a half to arrive). As I write these words I am sitting in that replacement bus, with about nine other people, and we are all enjoying the positive energy of this calm and relaxing bus ride, and thanking our "lucky stars" that we ended up being excluded from boarding our originally scheduled bus, which was crammed with 55 passengers and one extremely surly, fascist, dark-side weasel of a bus driver.

Our current driver has a very positive nature and a similarly enjoyable ethereal field, so all things work out and become calmer if one can be patient and wait for true power to arrive...

Today, a massive chemtrail assault was under way when I woke up. By noon all the chemtrails had been transmuted into billowing, puff-ball cumulus clouds. The sun was bright, the birds were singing contentedly, and all was truly right with the world...

While I was traveling from Flagstaff to Albuquerque, two days ago, a swirling, wispy-at-the-edges, etheric blue hole above the bus was evident during the entire journey.

And to the south, a hard rain could be seen pelting down, during almost our entire trip east. But this ominous storm front, despite the weather forecast, could not, and did not, encroach on our path.

When I arrived in Albuquerque, it was about 8:00 p.m. and a very pleasant cab driver informed me on the way to my hotel, that I had "Just missed all the fun"... I asked him what he meant and he said that earlier that day, there had been a major thunderstorm, complete with 60-mile-an-hour winds. Power lines had been downed, and all the local rivers, tributaries and lakes were either at flood stage or beyond, which was mostly due to the fact that raging thunderstorms had been pelting the area for several consecutive days on end.

He made mention of the fact that an area dam was in immediate danger of spilling over and/or breaking, and he said rather somberly if that actually happened the City of Albuquerque had better watch out... I was not worried because I knew that the worst part was over and my passing through the area had produced a calming effect on the local weather systems.

This has been happening ever since my DNA was "triggered" in Indio, California, although I have not been acutely aware of it with absolute certainty until the last few days.

Third time is definitely a charm, however, and since I have seen, and experienced, the calming/transmuting effect I have had on consecutive weather systems while traveling to (and staying in) Flagstaff, Albuquerque, and now, Amarillo, my understanding of what is going on here has slowly and surely passed over from the realm of "coincidence" to the realm of total understanding in mind, body and spirit.

In Flagstaff only two days ago, I saw two massively powerful storm systems get "held back" by my presence in the region during the two days I stayed there. A majestic mountain range was literally three or four miles behind my hotel in Flagstaff, and on both days that I was there, I observed these enormous weather systems get "held back", DESPITE significantly gusting winds blowing in our direction, which for all practical purposes should have shoved the storm system directly overhead.

My ethereal field is now acting as a calming agent, in the face of fourth-density battles between dually extreme forces of light and darkness - which is the real cause of all third-density storm systems. The message I am gaining in my clearest moments centers around the fact that all dual extremes of behavior and experience on this planet are becoming LESS extreme, in much the same way that the etheric blue holes over the bus I was riding in over the past few days, has gotten narrower and narrower.

Wild extremes, violently wild extremes of human behavior, and planetary behavior, are becoming less and less extreme - as pertains to the distance between them. Calmness is at hand for all who are moving into the next realm... so this is just a living lesson of this undeniable fact. The symbolic lesson here is obvious to me - just as the blue hole above my bus became much tighter and less expansive over the last two days, while storms hit the area outside of its borders, so have the wild extremes of human behavior become tighter and less extreme as well...

As I sit here on the Greyhound bus heading east towards Oklahoma City, the sky is filled with beautiful puff-ball cumulus clouds, in all directions, and, yet again - right overhead - the open swirling blue hole is evident. This is the fourth consecutive bus trip in which this has happened, and since I am arriving into the realm of the four, that number is very significant to me here.

Today's forecast again calls for violent thunderstorms in a wide area, encompassing both the Amarillo area as well as Oklahoma City. But we will see what "develops" there. I know that this will NOT be the case, for I know my passage east is calming the atmosphere and thwarting the violent weather extremes that the dark side had hoped would manifest... the dark side is "losing" (or changing polarity), and the higher-dimensional battles are becoming less frequent.

Note: My ability to calm/affect the weather/chemtrails started the morning I awoke in Indio, California, after having a vividly lucid dream about using magnets as a source of free energy... it seems to have been "kicked into high gear" by my first experience with using my "visual ray" to absorb small cumulus clouds...

May 29th, 3:55 p.m.: About 2:55 p.m. we stopped in Elk City Oklahoma for a 20-minute break. The sky was overcast, and darkening rapidly. As I stood near the bus smoking a cigarette, the wind picked up and I could smell the rain in the air. It was only a minute or two away at the most. While I continued to stand there, a small blue hole appeared just to the east of my position, directly overhead. The hole slowly began to widen, and, as it did, the winds died down. The hole continued to grow, and soon it was right above my position, holding steady. I noted the position of the surrounding clouds, and they were moving fairly quickly to the west of my position. But the hole held steadily. The winds died down to almost nothing, and within five minutes the sun was out and the hole widened over my head, as I got on the bus and waited for the brief rest period to end. We are heading west now, and will be in OKC within an hour and a half... still no rain yet. The skies to the east look similar to what is overhead - cumulus clouds, slightly dark, but nothing ominous in sight...

May 29th, 9:17 p.m.: I'm looking at the weather forecast for the Oklahoma City area on TV in my hotel suite as I type this... the weatherman said that the best chance for precipitation would come on Wednesday of this week. This in the face of the universal prediction for thunderstorms in the OKC area today (not to mention yesterday, the day before that, and for Monday and Tuesday upcoming as well). Nary a drop of rain has fallen since I arrived here at about 5:00 p.m. - and from the looks of it, no rain has fallen today at all. The weatherman said that there was a fairly good chance of some thunderstorms hitting the area tonight, between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m... nope. It's not going to happen.

Somehow, I am indeed affecting the weather...

Note: It rained only TWICE during my stay in Oklahoma City - the day before I left, there was a light sprinkle... and for about an hour, a couple of days before that, there was a pretty good thunderstorm. I had said out loud, on that day, "I want it to rain... it would be okay if it rained today." And it DID rain. Hard.

I was walking over to get my food when the downpour hit. I waited at the rear of the StudioPlus Hotel and smoked a cigarette, anticipating a lessening of the steady rain. Lightning and thunder were present - a typical Oklahoma gully-washer. I walked towards the south end of the building (opposite side) and when I got to it, the rain had begun to subside. I walked over to the restaurant to order my food, and by the time I came out, the rain had completely stopped.

It didn't rain again - except for that light sprinkling I already wrote about - during the entire ten days I was in Oklahoma City. It rained ALL AROUND the area where I was staying, but it didn't rain where I was...

Two days before I left, there were some AWESOME thunderstorms going on, all around the Oklahoma City area. I walked to the Albertson's grocery about a mile from my hotel.

While en route, I could FEEL the storm surging in behind me. Its movement was in the exact direction that I was walking, due west. I looked back over my shoulder and could see the amassing thunderheads. The wind picked up speed behind me... and all the while, I knew, directly, that the storm would not hit. It would not pass. It would not touch me, nor would it even start.

I found this odd, this knowing, but I had been growing very accustomed to it over the past several weeks - especially as it pertains to the weather in my immediate vicinity.

I was a bit uncertain about my "knowing" after I bought a few items at the grocery and headed back, due east, right into the teeth of the storm clouds. The wind was even fiercer... but... as I walked east... the storm just... broke up overhead... it never rained... and again I had the distinct sensation that I was doing something to hold it at bay.

I feel that I am somehow producing an internal generation of etheric energy - perhaps I have become a human orgone generator (???)...

June 10th, 2005 (a 5 day):

I'm spending two night in Emporia, Kansas... the hotel rates were cheaper and I needed to do some more recon work before I hit Kansas City.

While walking back from a little Mexican diner next door to the beautiful Days Inn Emporia (where I'm currently staying), a man of about 50 years of age was staring west at a group of dark clouds that looked as if they might dump some ferocious precipitation on us at any moment. As I approached his position, I said, "Looks threatening." He said, "They had horrendous thunderstorms in Wichita today..."

I had just left Wichita about six hours earlier, after having spent two days in that city near the airport. For the entire two days that I was there, the whole area surrounding Wichita was pummeled with thunderstorms, large hail stones, floods, and tornados. The area due north of Wichita - and to the west, and northeast - was the hardest hit, and when we passed though this area on the Greyhound bus earlier today, the flood waters in streams and lakes adjacent to the highway were clearly visible.

Farmers in the area are upset as I write this, because their fields are so inundated with water, they cannot cut their wheat.

Each of the last two nights, in Wichita, Kansas, I watched the weather radar on TV and observed a phenomenon which has been evidencing itself ever since I busted my first cumulus clouds, using my "visual ray", about two months ago... wherever I am, the weather mellows out as soon as I get there (or immediately before I arrive)... if storms are raging when I get to town, they abate. Once I am in town, massive thunderstorms swirl around the city where I am - but never touch it.

Until I leave town...

While I was in Wichita all we got was a light sprinkling of rain this morning, Friday.

Other than that, we had NO precipitation whatsoever, despite the presence of ominous storm clouds which swirled in the skies around the periphery of where I was...

On Wednesday night, heat lightning was visible - but no thunder could be heard. Dark storm clouds swirled and posed - but never dumped any precipitation. I could FEEL the storm being held back, just as I had first felt this, while walking back from that little bar in Phoenix, which I wrote about in an earlier installment.

The cab driver today told me, on the way to the Greyhound station, that he had been watching the weather radar each of the last two nights (I did not prompt him into this discussion, he just started talking about it), and he had noticed this vortex-like protective barrier around the Wichita area... I had seen the same thing while watching the local 24-hour weather channel, so it wasn't news to me. However, it was indeed an affirmation of same.

I asked him very deliberately if that was an unusual phenomenon for the area. He thought a moment, and then said, "Yes, it's VERY odd - although I have seen this vortex-like swirl on weather radar a few times before over the last NINE YEARS..." He is a Wichita resident and has lived their his entire life, or most of it, from what I could gather...

When I arrived here in Emporia, I went to the Golden Corral restaurant near the bus station. An elderly woman came out of the restaurant, looked at the calm, clear-blue skies, and remarked, "I expected it to be raining when I came out of here... it's been raining all week long, up until about an hour or two ago..."

More affirmations there...

June 10th, 8:07 p.m.: A ferocious thunderstorm is moving toward my position from the southwest. Heat lightning gave way to some rattling peals of thunder as I stood outside in the parking lot, surveying the sky - all around me in the sky were dark clouds, forming a perimeter around the sphere that was formed using me as the midpoint. And as I write this, I am hearing the thunder coming closer. The winds were picking up as I hurried inside to write this down. While I stood outside, I thought, "This shall not pass." Above me, there were lighter clouds, and patches of clear, swirling sky. This effect has been observed ever since I got to Flagstaff, and in every city since Flagstaff, as I continue to make my way north and east. Will it rain here in a few minutes? Every single "weather forecaster" in the world, I think, had they been standing where I had been standing just a minute ago, would have said, "Yes." We'll see.

June 10th, 8:15 p.m.: The storm is almost here... I stood outside and watched a massive lightning bolt strike the ground about ten miles to the southwest (estimated). A dark, thick, massive "wall cloud" formation is heading this way. While in the parking lot, I felt a rain drop or two... an older man was getting his gear from the car right next to where I stood, and he remarked that it had been raining like hell when he had passed through Iowa earlier this afternoon... he said that he and his wife had hoped to make it to Wichita by this evening, but when they saw those big thunderheads looming in the direction of Wichita, they thought better of it. He wondered if he had made the right decision. I told him that the storm we were watching, as it approached our position, had come from Wichita - and although it might stall and/or not hit us too badly (or smack us hard, heh), it had indeed POUNDED Wichita. "I guess I made the right move" he retorted... I concurred...

June 10th, 8:21 p.m.: Deluge! The rain is pelting down. So far, no thunder can be heard, but the way the lightning looked as the storm approached, it appeared that we were going to be at ground zero in a few minutes,.. I'll keep you posted.

June 10th, 8:24 p.m.: The rain has already mellowed out considerably. A steady, yet gentle, rain is falling outside. An occasional flash of lightning, and an occasional clap of thunder, can be heard as well - but what is hitting us pales in comparison to what was initially coming toward us... maybe it will pick up again and belt us but good, but somehow, I don't think so... again, I'll keep you posted...

June 10th, 8:25 p.m.: A bright flash of lightning just lit up the sky - followed by roaring thunder about three seconds later... this cell is passing right over us... but... the rain is still not that bad, and although I just heard more thunder, I still sense that I am again calming this storm, somehow... if it's true that our weather on earth is created by struggling forces at fourth density, then perhaps this sign is telling me that the side of goodness is winning this battle, on all "fronts" (storm fronts, invisible etheric fronts, etc.). Nice. I feel calm and privileged to be in the middle of all this. I don't have to make sense of it - as long as I know what is happening directly, that's all that matters.

June 10th, 8:30 p.m.: The rain is falling steadily, but softly. Although there are repeated flashes of lightning in the sky overhead, there are no "bolts" to be seen. The lightning is more along the lines of what weather prognosticators refer to as "heat lightning"... and thunder can be heard, but the thunder is now following these flashes in greater and greater intervals, timewise, which means the brunt of the storm is moving away - or breaking up...

***Note: The storm stopped altogether at about 8:35 p.m. It didn't rain again in Emporia (despite constant predictions that it would do so) until the day I left town, on June 13th, at which time a borderline tornado hit the area near the gas station/convenience store where I was waiting for a bus. The storm blew the facing of a gas pump right off its hinges and knocked down several waist-high hanging signs that were scattered around the gas pump island. This storm lasted about a half an hour and it was extremely intense.

July 26th, 2005 (a 4 day):

I'm in Downers Grove, Illinois, about 20 miles west of Chicago...

The entire Chicago-land area has been experiencing the most severe drought in years. Rain has been badly needed for months on end.

I went to an appointment here in Downers Grove last Wednesday afternoon, and we got hit with a cloudburst that lasted all of five minutes. Then it was gone, as quickly as it had come. The woman I for whom I did my presentation, remarked that it was a shame it had stopped so quickly, because "we sure need it". While the cloudburst was in progress, the people in the real estate office where I was "presenting", ran excitedly to the front of the office, so they could watch the short-lived storm...

As I write this, the rain is softly falling outside. It is coming down steadily, in a very calming fashion.

Yesterday we had thunderstorms in the area. And part of the previous day, too.

They were forecast - accurately - to occur at roughly the times they actually occurred.

Today the forecast called for an occasional thunderstorm, during the morning hours only. The "front", which had been clearly visible on radar during the local TV weather forecast late last night (about 1:00 a.m., CST), was fairly small in both depth and breadth - more like a band, really. And the weatherman said that by noon, all the rain will have moved out of the area.

Well, he was wrong... the rain has been falling steadily, calmly, and nourishingly for at least two hours, and there is no sign that it will let up soon. And it's 5:47 p.m. as I write these words.

The sky is completely overcast... and the wind is blowing at about 15 mph, I would guess. And from my vantage point here at my hotel, no "sun breaks" are visible in the northern, southern and eastern directions, all along the skyline...

June 20th, 2006 (a 7 day):

I haven't made a new post on this thread for some time now (my apologies)... I've been living in the Wilmington, North Carolina, area with a good friend for about the past seven months. Before I came here, I made stops in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Detroit, Michigan; Columbus, Ohio; Lexington, Kentucky; Atlanta, Georgia; and Charlotte, North Carolina... I continued to have the same calming effect on the weather in each of those cities... last summer, when I was in Detroit, the heat index was much lower than it typically would have been during a normal July and August... and in Atlanta (where I spent about four weeks in November of 2005), I saw a few bright blue etheric holes in the storm clouds, that formed directly over me, during some brief rain showers.

But the real clincher occurred during my stay here in Wilmington.

For the past several weeks on end, a pattern has developed here in the local spring weather systems with a steady consistency... whenever rainstorms and severe weather move toward the Wilmington area (Wilmington is on the North Carolina coast, and weather systems typically move into the area from the west to the east), the pattern is always the same - large masses of thunderstorms can be seen moving in, oftentimes in a straight-line wall formation, tens of miles in length... and whenever they get near the Wilmington area, they either: a) completely disintegrate, or: b) they split off into a northern portion and a southern portion, and miss Wilmington completely.

There have been maybe four or five hard and very brief rainstorms that have hit the immediate area where I have been staying over the past seven months - and whenever they hit, they don't last long. Typically, they last for a few minutes. Most of these storms have occurred while I was sleeping. And after I woke up, the storms typically came to a complete halt within a few minutes.

Even when large-scale storms are pounding most of the entire state, and tornado warnings are being posted, and flood warnings as well, the most we typically get here is an intermittent drizzle...

The kicker occurred about four days ago, when the season's first Florida hurricane made its way up the coast and passed over the area... the city of Raleigh (about three hours north of us) got lambasted with powerful rainstorms... several inches of rain fell on the city in the span of a couple of hours... severe flooding occurred, businesses suffered major water damage - a real mess... and in other cities in North Carolina the same thing occurred... but here in Wilmington, the system simply broke up into two portions and missed us completely, reforming into one large mass as it veered northward toward Raleigh... all we got was a drizzle... and it only lasted a few minutes...

I've watched these weather systems moving in for weeks on end this spring, using the weather radar imagery available at and after watching these storms move in, one after the other, at intermittent times, for weeks on end, it is obvious to me now that human beings CAN INDEED - and do indeed, in some cases - have a calming effect on the weather.

So... imagine if a group of people in Florida - or in any of the other Gulf Coast states in the USA - attempted to do what I have done, and began to develop their visual ray, following the exercises outlined at (click that link back there to find out how to do this very thing)... if they did this, I feel certain that the damaging hurricanes that have pounded these areas in recent years would soon become a thing of the past... so why not try it yourself... you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I don't know why this ability has come to me - not for certain... but I know it HAS happened, and that's enough.

And I also know that the same thing can happen to anyone who learns how to use their visual ray, in order to "siphon off clouds" and absorb their etheric components into their own bodies... if doing this doesn't turn you into a bona fide weather-calmer, it sure as heck is one cool trick to learn, anyway, and it will beat the heck out of anything a local magician might accomplish at your kid's birthday party... so... turn yourself into a superhero in the eyes of friends and family... and spend the lousy 10 minutes it takes to learn how to develop your visual ray... then practice... and absorb some cumulus clouds in the sky.

And then watch the sky, and online radar images... and see what happens when bad weather moves into your area...
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Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
Call Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant, 24/7, to schedule psychic phone readings - 503-919-2373
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