The Tombstone Reading
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantLast night I did a reading by telephone for a woman in Michigan and had one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had reading for people.

I knew nothing about this woman. She contacted me through my web site, There are on-site email panels where visitors can type in requests for readings. She filled in one of those. I replied to her message by e-mailing back with rates, etc.

We agreed on the time and date for the reading. She called me only a little past the time we had established and I began to relay to her the message that I had gotten for her in advance of the phone call, plus whatever other impressions came as we talked. Just before my phone rang last night, though, I had felt what I now have learned to recognize as the physical sensation that signifies a spirit is bringing me identification based on how the person in question died, a sudden physical sensation of pain or burning, or whatever it may be, in the area of the body where the deadly physical trauma occurred. I felt pain and a burning sensation on my upper back and low neck area.

The most remarkable one of the images I got for her was an image of a bed (which always is the symbol for home and relationship for me) and this bed returned again and again, as if the entity bringing the message to me was urging me to be sure I gave my client this image especially, and as I watched the inner landscape where I see the scenes I "read"-the pictures in my head-the bed had an "X" lying on one side of it, and a tombstone at the head of the bed on that side.

Now the "X" is for me the sign that any object being shown is the identification for the spirit entity who is bringing the message/greeting. I had to assume the person bringing this message, "X," had died recently. Since all the messages I receive are from those on the Spirit side of life, a tombstone must have to do with not just any death, but a recent death, I reasoned. I really haven't had a tombstone before. I've had caskets. No tombstones, until last night.

I worried that if I told my client that someone so close to her had died, if she didn't know about it yet, it could be devastating. There was always the possibility also that this meant merely the "death" of a relationship, although that seemed unlikely. A tombstone is a tombstone, after all.

I also received images of several bottles, one after the other, nice looking bottles for alcoholic beverages and one had the initial "G" written on it. There was also a "Y" shown to me just after that.

My client called. I began to tell her there was something that had happened in her home around which there had been much upset, much unhappiness. I told her that her close companion was now "gone." She began to affirm that, and I gave some words of comfort, an affirmation that she could use for his well-being and to heal anything that needed healing between them.

I told her that I had gotten intense healing heat when I held the envelope she had sent to me by mail and that I felt this was healing being sent both to her and to heal the other person in the relationship, as well. I also told her I saw my symbol for psychic ability and I felt she had the ability to eventually do readings if she chose to develop that. She at first hesitantly, then excitedly, told me that she had just recently had several things happen, one of which had to do with her loved one leaving her.

She had kissed him goodbye at the car, then, as she started back to the house, he had called her back to him for another kiss. He finally left her and sometime later she had experienced a sudden feeling of panic and fear that had lasted about five minutes. She was certain something terrible had happened in that short space of time, but she wasn't sure what it was. She had told her son what she felt.

She went to bed. She was awakened in the night to be told that her loved one had died instantly in an accident on the highway! She said she could see in her son's eyes that he remembered what she had said earlier about something terrible having happened in that five minute interval when she felt panicked.

Then I told her what my actual image, my symbol, had been for his leaving.

I said it had actually been a tombstone and an "X," both placed on one side of their bed. She chastised me for not telling her exactly what I had seen, and she said I should tell her precisely what I got from now on, that she could stand it. I felt reassured.

By then I knew she knew very little about mediumship so I prefaced my next revelation by telling her that mediums often get identification for a spirit by feeling the same way the person felt when he or she died (having the spirit's physical pain appear in a corresponding area of the medium's body), and I related to her that I had felt pain and burning over the lower neck and upper shoulder area. She cried out, actually screamed!! She went into tears and so did I, and my tears were accompanied by a major assault of chills running up and down my body everywhere, head to toe. She sobbed that she had loved him so much that she didn't want to let him go. She truly felt they were soul mates and would be together forever!

When she was calm enough to speak, she quietly told me that the first question she had asked after she knew he had died was, "What was the final cause of death?" She told me that he had died from severe neck trauma in the accident.

Then she excitedly told me how she had found my web site. She had visited a bookstore with her loved one's niece about two weeks ago and on a book sale table had seen Dr. Hazel Denning's book, True Hauntings, and knew she "had to" read it. She told the niece that something told her she must. She had never read anything but novels before that time two weeks ago.

After she read it she really wanted, she said, to speak with the woman who had written this wonderful book (I agree with her that it's wonderful--Hazel's book is the very best one I've ever read on this topic). She typed Hazel's name into a search engine and up came my web site: www.

She went to my site and there she found my interview with Dr. Hazel Denning, and as she read it, somehow it "spoke" to her and she wanted to pursue all this further and when she saw there were reading request forms on my site she impulsively filled one out for a reading.

When we finished speaking, she told me that she will be calling me for another reading and that when she does, she will tell me what the many bottles meant that I saw. She said that I was "right on about that, too."

This incident happened last night and I am still filled to overflowing with gratitude to have been allowed to have brought a communication (from where I live in California) from a "newly risen soul"--as Spiritualism calls a person who has died and has now `risen" on the other side of life--to his loved one (in Detroit) who says she has never thought about life after death before (though she was taught about heaven and hell as she grew up).

I have been thinking off and on, ever since this happened last night, about the time six months ago when I finally decided to put the interviews I had done with past life therapists over the past several years on my brand new web site. I told my client last night that this confirmed what I had believed then. I knew that those interviews which had only been published over the years in a past life newsletter for past life therapists to read, needed to be read by the general public, as well-and I was right!

But more than that, what a wonderful revelation this story is about the way those on the Spirit side of life work helping to influence us to find the answers we need. Her loved one certainly worked very hard with me-repeatedly showing me the bed, the "X" and the tombstone at the head of that side of the bed and certainly must have been with her in the bookshop, urging her to buy the book, and was surely at her shoulder as she started to type in Dr. Denning's name in the search engine that led her to my interview and the message box for a reading request.

I can only say, thank you, dear Spirit. Thank God I took the path I did thirty-five years ago by attending Spiritualist meetings and by reading the Edgar Cayce readings that centered on past lives and by taking Hazel Denning's past life therapy workshop and attending conferences and doing interviews with all the inspirational past life therapists I have written articles about, and reading for people in chapel for years. I can honestly say I would not trade my life for anyone else's. I never cease be inspired by my life and may your life never cease to inspire you!

Wishing You The Best Future Ever!
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