The Ivory Pendant
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantEveryone in her psychic development class, it seemed, knew the name of his guide by now and Jan was sure that every single one of them had already asked her the name of her guide at least twice.

Frankly, it irritated her. She didn't know who hers was and she didn't think she cared. Jan had attended Joe Kapurski's class for weeks and nearly everyone knew his or her guide's name because Joe had interceded for them and had psychically asked for a name when a teacher or guide came through to them during group meditation.

Jan was skeptical. She wasn't going to ask Joe to inquire who her guide was. She knew she wouldn't believe it, anyway. So she didn't ask.

Jan had heard Joe say that a guide can be identified in any of a number of ways. It might be a symbol that comes again and again, could be a repeated musical phrase, a name; a color; a physical sensation, a head jerk, a shiver, all of these and more might let the seeker know someone was with him who was bringing psychic greetings and information to him.

Recently, Jan had been leaving Joe's class, smelling the scent of orange blossoms as she drove home (it was winter and there were no blossoms on the trees). So one night in class, she got Joe's attention as he spoke about guides and she inquired, because she knew that Joe's guide was an Asian, "Does your teacher have relatives who might work with us?"

"Why do you ask, Jan?" Joe questioned. "It's about the orange blossoms I smell when I go home at night after class. I smell them after every class! Why am I smelling these orange blossoms?"

"Well, a scent can certainly, as you know, be the way a guide announces himself to you. Why don't you ask for a name?"

When she left the class that night, the orange blossom smell was stronger than ever. Jan smelled lots and lots of orange blossoms and decided to follow Joe's advice. To the dark in the car, she said, "Who's here?" She immediately saw with her spiritual eyes a chalkboard like the one that she had seen at times before. Written on it this time was "CHOW LIN."

Her reaction was to say out loud, "Oh, come on!" Immediately, like a kind of thought transference, these words entered her consciousness, "Okay, if you don't like that, you can call me Rubin."

Now that she could accept because it was familiar, comfortable as an old shoe- It was a common, ordinary, Jewish-American name, not an obviously phony Asian one.

The next class meeting came and she sat down beside a tall, good-looking, part-Asian man. "Hi, you're new aren't you?" said she-this was always a safe opening gambit and besides, he was new. He seemed very young as he admitted that he was new to the class that evening. He seemed rather tentative as he spoke.

As they chatted she learned that he was a Deputy Probation Officer. He worked for the county of Los Angeles assisting troubled teens. "I came tonight because lately, when the kids walk through the door, I already know the story. It's bothering me and someone I know said that Joe might be able to help me understand how I'm getting this information." He further explained that he would get not only the description of the trouble they were in but the psychological and physical origins of it before the kids had even said a word to him about it.

A little later, after Joe had started the session and was hearing from class members about the things that were happening in their meditations and how the class was affecting their daily lives, Jan spoke up.

"I found out about my mysterious orange blossoms, Joe." "Really! What did you find out?" "I found out who's been bringing me the orange blossom scent. My chalkboard appeared again and on it was written `CHOW LIN.' But I was skeptical, as usual, and just said, `Oh, come on!' --you know me, Joe! And suddenly it was impressed on me, you know, like thought transference, `Okay, if you don't like that, you can call me Rubin!'"

As Jan ended her sentence, the young man she had spoken with before the meeting jumped to his feet! "Oh, my God, my God! I can't believe you just said that! That's incredible!"--his voice was out of control. He just stood shaking his head, like a prize fighter who has taken one punch too many.

Joe quickly jumped in, "What's up-what did Jan say that is such a surprise!??"

It took the young man a minute or two to get his voice under control, then he told Joe his story: "Well, I've just been wondering, as I told Jan earlier, where I was getting this inside information about my clients before my appointments with them each day, like it was planted inside my head, but now I think I understand-I think I do, anyway. My uncle was named Chow Lin, but we always called him Rubin because he preferred that name! My God, I can't believe those names came to you."

The young man didn't came back to class again. He had gotten what he came for-the knowledge that his connection with his beloved uncle had never been broken. ..

Months later Jan was invited to a meditation group by an old Hollywood character actress. She attended and, during the meditation, the woman leading the group turned to her directly and said, "I see an Asian man standing at your shoulder." It seemed to be a confirmation of Chow Lin's presence in her life. .

Many years after that, she was shopping in Switzerland when the corner window of a curio shop caught her eye. She stopped to look in the window and saw that it contained ivory carvings on a lovely old table. One caught her eye and propelled her into the shop.

In the intervening years Chow Lin had begun to appear to her in her meditations and the tiny carving on the shop's table looked exactly like him-there was the same strange hat, beard, beige silk clothes, the same look on the face.

She bought the beautiful ivory likeness of Chow Lin that day in Switzerland and wore it for years as a pendant on a chain to remind her of the first time Chow Lin had come to her and the unforgettable impression he had made on both her and his grandson when he used her to let his grandson know he still lived and that the boy's tipster was Chow Lin, but you could call him Rubin!

The experience still gave her shivers years later, whenever she thought of it.

Her pendant was a lasting reminder of that very "evidential" (what spiritualists call identifying evidence from the other side) first meeting with the entity who became her guide.
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