A Personal Experience at Alcatraz -
written and submitted by Michael Snyder; edited by Chris Ullman
(from The Ghost Hunter's Net)
Alcatraz IslandMy name is Mike Snyder. Here's what happened when my wife and I took a tour of Alcatraz prison a couple months back. As I write this, the date is February 27th, 2001.

My wife and I are from Utah. I am 35, she is 33. We went to San Francisco a couple months back so I could attend an Aikido seminar in Redwood City on Saturday. That Sunday we went to Alcatraz. We had always wanted to see Alcatraz due to its notoriety.All I knew about Alcatraz was that "The Birdman" (Robert Stroud) and Al Capone had been incarcerated there, and I had seen the movie "Escape From Alcatraz." I feel it is important to mention the limit of my knowledge of Alcatraz, because if I had read about the 'ghost stories' first I would have put the experience off as possibly being caused by the power of suggestion. When I arrived to tour Alcatraz with my wife, I knew absolutely nothing about the legends of the ghosts of Alcatraz...

Anyway, I was thoroughly enjoying the tour, getting caught up in the nostalgia of the place when we arrived at D block. Before D block I had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. There is a part in the tour where the audio tape tells you to enter into a cell, and because of its proximity to where I was at the time of the tape's instruction, I entered into 13D.

At that point an "inmate" began to talk on the tape about how dark it was in there, and how he used to stay busy by tossing a button around in the cell and trying to find it.

He also had hallucinations in the dark. He claimed he could focus on a tiny light in his mind until it grew brighter and eventually he could be watching a TV show in there.

At this point, the narrator said to turn the tape off and close your eyes to see the light he was talking about. THAT was when I noticed something out of the ordinary. Up until that point we were in the midst of a pretty big crowd.

At that moment, the crowd had moved on and I was alone inside of Cell 13D, and my wife was outside waiting for me. As I closed my eyes I noticed a feeling come over me like I was losing my equilibrium. I also started to feel a little nauseous.

I'm not claustrophobic, but I was beginning to feel very uneasy and claustrophobic in that cell. I had had some experiences with spiritual presences as a teenager, so I immediately suspected that these feelings I was getting were caused by something supernatural.

I walked out of the cell and asked my wife to go in there with me. I told her I felt weird in there and asked her to close her eyes and tell me what she felt. She agreed, and came inside the cell with me.

After a brief period of time, she told me that she didn't feel good at all. She was feeling dizzy and sick to her stomach. I was amazed that she had the same feelings I did even though I didn't tell her how I felt.

This confirmed my suspicions of a presence in there, so I told her that I felt that something very terrible had happened in that cell. Perhaps someone had been tortured or murdered in that cell. I wondered if that person's tortured spirit was still in the cell.

Out of curiosity we also went into 12D and 14D. Neither one felt as bad to us as 13D, although 12 seemed a little worse than 14.

After this experience my wife told me she had also felt uneasy in most of the rest of Alcatraz, but especially in the kitchen and the library.

The impression of torture or murder in D block was so strong that when we arrived back home, I immediately searched the Internet for terms such as "Alcatraz" or "ghosts of Alcatraz" or "Alcatraz ghosts" etc. That is when I discovered your site -- as well as haunted houses.com -- and learned that I was not the first to get impressions like this from Alcatraz, and that tortures and perhaps even murder had occurred in D block.

There is no doubt in my mind that what we felt at Alcatraz was either a spirit or some other unseen source of negative energy. You are welcome to print any part of this for your archives if you wish.

Sincerely, Mike Snyder
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