Psychic Advice - Your Personal Questions (Archive 1)
by Pat Chalfant, Certified Psychic Medium... Teacher, Author & Researcher
Psychic Phone Readings Psychic Tests Psychic Workshops Online Psychic Classes Pat ChalfantThe Steven Spielberg film, MINORITY REPORT, has the theme "You can choose!"

I want to say what a great service I think he has done us by stating this powerful truth at this time in history. Neither violence nor any other kind of painful outcome in life is inevitable. We always have choice because we have free will. And that is the underlying principle of each and every psychic reading I do...

I learned that principle when I was faced with a problem similar to the Tom Cruise character's years ago. I had been told that was true in a lecture I had heard in the psychic field and remembered that advice when I faced my crisis.

It saved my soul and that's why I know that it is so. You have only to ask for God's help-call it Infinite Intelligence, Great Spirit, or whatever you choose (even if you aren't sure there is such a thing--I wasn't) and help will arrive. Whatever you need to solve the problem will become clear to you.

This can't be stated too often: YOU CAN CHOOSE! The concepts and book referrals in these answers will hopefully be useful to many of you. With that in mind, the following are some recent questions that I have been asked by my site visitors, followed by my answers:

I would like to understand what my next steps should be to grow as a person…I have taken steps to change my professional life and spend more time with my wife and family…My main interest…is to find a balance between work and family and to continue growing both spiritually and professionally, but especially to focus on being a better father, husband and son. --Bruno D. R.

You often feel you're rowing your "little boat" of both business and of life, as well, all by yourself.

But your "little boat" of business is going to become a much larger one soon. I see you pulling on your oars with all your might, and very persistently, and I see you very near the shore, nearly reaching your goal, then pulling your boat up on shore and docking it, but before it docks it turns into a much larger boat. Business will grow and to some extent your wife will contribute to that growth by being very careful about money. She may, in fact, seem to be a little too fearful and cautious, but that's to the good.

And I see a gold heart locket containing a picture of the two of you, heads very close together, both in close harmony, smiling happily at each other. Your moves to change your life are paying off in marital harmony. They will equally affect your mother for the better, in time. Mothers are very happy when their children are happy and although she may feel a little alone, as well, she will have peace in her heart because you have.

The changes you've made and the spiritual spillover from them are shaping your life into the one you have always wanted, it may even become one that will be better than any you could ever have imagined. Continue to try to let your true self be apparent to those around you (what Edgar Cayce calls "the authentic self" as opposed to the personality self) and also know that as your psychic ability grows (and I can see it's growing) your ability to guide and encourage others who need your help will grow, and when we give help, we receive even more from Spirit to give. That will work toward your success in all the areas of your life. You could even give messages to others in the future because I see a large message box for you. My message box symbol is a farm-style mailbox, and a large one like yours means you have quite a bit of psychic ability. I would recommend Harry Glover's book (ARE Press) MEDITATION, THE LIGHT FROM WITHIN. Meditation is the backbone of spiritual development. You're doing well. Well begun is half done as they say. Keep it up and especially let yourself enjoy it-it's your life.

I just want to know if I will ever find that right someone and if I will ever become a nurse? --Daniela B.

One of the first things I see for you is an engagement ring in front of you that looks very old-fashioned and very pretty.

Certainly looks like you will be offered a ring--I then see a window with sheer curtains billowing outward on a warm, gentle breeze. I feel a lazy, romantic experience shaping up for you. My sense is that you won't want to leave this situation-when it's time to sleep or time to go back to work or school you'll remark that you want to just stay there forever. I see a doorknob before you and your hand about to reach out and open it-remember you can choose-and I feel this is about nursing. You can put your hand around that knob and turn the door and open it to your life as a nurse, if you choose to. The doorknob is beautiful, which denotes a good future experience behind this door that can be opened to you.

Know that the universe always offers us help with our problems but only if we ask for help. We have free will, which is why we can choose, why we must choose. So ask, pray, and keep in mind that you would like help with these and any other problems you have; and the universe, Spirit, will come to your aid. Be sure to pray/meditate in a confident, positive mood and leave all anger and lack of faith outside the door. Spirit will give you all the help you need. Ask to be guided into the field that will suit you best and reward you most. You've felt you were standing in a corner-that you were "cornered"-but a way is opening to let you move right out of that now-a new prospect. I see you contemplating moving into a new house soon, as well.

When will I have a good boyfriend…another boyfriend…or find my soulmate, whichever one is easier. Thank you again…blessed be. --Jen

Your spirit band (on the other side of life) confer as they sit around what I call the Spirit Table to try to arrange for a positive outcome to your plans and dreams and they invite you to call upon them whenever you need help. They will be busy making the arrangements as soon as you ask for the help you need. As I said in the message above this one, we have free will, we can choose, as Mr. Spielberg's movie, MINORITY REPORT, tells us. If you write in a diary, express your wishes in writing-or just put down the things you need in an ordinary notebook, and put feeling behind what you describe, go into detail about what you like and want and give Spirit the green light to go to work on this word picture you've drawn. Say it in words by speaking it, by writing it down, saying it to yourself or putting the written words under your pillow at night before you sleep. Be sure you ask for help (in words of your choice) "Please, Spirit, help me with this."

You are rather particular about the influences surrounding you, some might use the word "picky" but you have a deep river of understanding inside yourself that lets you know that you are the captain of your ship and you must live your life that way. Know that because of this, you have the potential not only to marry a soul mate, but you may even see his face in dreams before he actually joins you in reality. You don't have to settle for less. Think of this before you go to sleep at night, even write it out and put it under your pillow.

I got a picture of a musical keyboard brought to me again and again, then it became an organ console at one point. That usually means that either music is important in your life in some way or that you actually are a musical performer-if it's the latter, then much more opportunity to play or sing, whatever your instrument may be, will be offered to you soon.

An older woman who is beautiful and rather elegant comes here wearing a heart that sparkles like diamonds and has the chain threaded through it. It is not hanging from a link on a chain, but the chain goes rather through the heart which is just like a line drawing kind of heart and hangs kind of askew on the chain. She shows me that the month of September is an important, busy time for you and then she shows me four piles of playing cards face down-and I feel she tells you to choose one of these. Whether she actually did readings for people herself or is only using this to reinforce the "You can choose" theme is not explained to me. It actually feels as if she loved laying out cards, though. Someone on the Spirit side of life (someone who has left this life) but feels concern for you and wants to help your dreams come true, sends you a lot of love...

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