You do not have to break the bank if you want to update your kitchen. The truth is that you can easily upgrade your kitchen without spending more than $5,000 if you are able and willing to do some of the tasks.  

Reusing items that you’ve already got and not spending foolishly is the ideal method to save money.  

Here are several other affordable ways to give your kitchen an expensive look.  

Place Countertop Ingredients in Jars 

Storing commonly utilized ingredients in glass jars is another design option that could provide your kitchen an expensive look.  

It might appear counterintuitive. However, all the various labels, branding, and containers could make your counter appear disorganized and cluttered if you frequently utilize pepper, olive oil, salt, sugar, and other ingredients and place them out in the open.  

You can easily cut down on the visual clutter if you store every single thing in matching glass containers and jars. You can also make every single thing seem more organized. 

Temporary Backsplash Treatments 

It does not have to be a costly project if you want to replace a backsplash. Oftentimes, you can look for affordable backsplash tile and call a professional handyman St. George for help. But, the effort and time of doing this project could be lessened by just covering what you’ve already got.  

Aside from being cheap, you could make this a temporary installation. Thus, if you choose that you actually do not like it or when you want to upgrade it again, you can remove it easily. Also, you do not have to worry about replacing it with something else. You could simply get rid of it and you are back to zero without having to do a completely new installation.  

Change the Cabinet Knobs 

Another easy and cheap way to spruce up the kitchen is to replace the knobs or handles on cabinet drawers and doors.  

Yes, you could go to the nearest hardware shop and buy several new drawer pulls and knobs. However, you should look online at stores such as Etsy if you want to have a more expensive look for your kitchen.  

This would set your kitchen apart from other kitchens in your neighborhood and you will not have to waste a lot of money to do it. However, you’ve got to keep in mind that several cabinet handles and drawer pulls could get a bit costly. This is particularly true if you’ve got a lot of them to replace. 

 Generate a Color Scheme 

Creating a color pallet or theme and sticking to it is one of the simplest methods to provide your kitchen a cheap upgrade.  

For example, you could begin purchasing new kitchen towels. You have to pick the same color for various kitchen tools and accessories whatever primary color you pick for the towels. These tools include coffee mugs, accent rugs, pot holders, and much more.  

You can easily make every single thing look more solid if you have a color scheme across your kitchen.